Copyright Information

The images on the Historic Views of the Holy Land are copyrighted. However, the intention has been to be generous in granting use of the images for personal, educational, and church use. Since we get many questions about what is allowed, we have made a little chart for allowed uses and those which require separate permission. Feel free to contact us if you have questions.

Granted with purchase

  • Projection in church, Sunday School class, educational lecture

  • Incorporation in printed local church educational material

  • Incorporation in printed college class syllabi

  • Viewing over an intranet (e.g., college) for educational purposes - for example, the images are included in classroom PowerPoints that the students need to review for the final

  • Inclusion in a website (low-resolution only - 400 pixels wide or less), with credit link to Life in the Holy 400 pixels width is the maximum size of most of the photographs on this website.

Requires separate permission

  • Use in a book or magazine

  • Use in a commercial product

  • Re-distributing images or discs

  • Inclusion in a non-personal image database


Without purchase

Pictures from this website may be used on another website, with the following restrictions.  You may not use more than 10 images, the size of the images must be not more than 400 pixels wide, and the images must include a credit link on each page they are used to Life in the Holy

We believe that this policy is fair and even generous.  (Compare with many other companies that charge high fees per image, restrict use of an image to a single use, restrict use of image to a limited duration (one year)). For other uses, see our page about licensing photos.

For permission or questions, contact us.