Picturesque Palestine II: Samaria, Galilee, and Syria

Of many works published by explorers of Palestine in the 19th century, none is as highly regarded as the lavishly illustrated and expertly written Picturesque Palestine, Sinai and Egypt. Edited by Charles Wilson and published in four volumes in 1881, this work captures the essence of the biblical lands in word and drawing, showing both ancient sites and native customs.

The descriptions of the regions were written by experts with an eye to presenting the land to those who would never have the opportunity to visit. This first-ever electronic edition includes the entirety of the original Volume 2, including 12 steel engravings, 140 wood engravings and 238 pages of text. Volume 2 includes these sections:

Samaria and Plain of Esdraelon

by Mary Eliza Rogers


Esdraelon and Nazareth

by Henry B. Tristram



by Selah Merrill


Cæsarea Philippi and the Highlands of Galilee

by Selah Merrill


Mount Hermon and its Temples

by Selah Merrill



by Philip Schaff and Mary Eliza Rogers



by Henry H. Jessup


The Wâdy Barada

by Henry H. Jessup



by Henry H. Jessup

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Gateway to the Temple of the Sun [Bacchus], Baalbek

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Table of Contents

SAMARIA AND PLAIN OF ESDRAELON. By Miss M. E. ROGERS Vale of Shechem.—Joseph’s Tomb.—Jacob’s Well.—Ebal and Gerizim.—Nâblus.—Gardens.—The Samaritans.—The Passover.—Sebaste.—Dothan.—Jenîn.—Plain of Esdraelon.—Carmel.— Waters of Megiddo.

ESDRAELON AND NAZARETH. By the Rev. CANON TRISTRAM, D.D., F.R.S.   En Gannim.—Jezreel.—Gilboa.—The Kishon.—Tabor.—Defeat of Sisera.—Gideon’s Victory.— Battlefields.—Shunem.—View from Neby Duhy.—Village of Nain.—Caves of Endor.— Nazareth.

GALILEE. By the Rev. Dr. SELAH MERRILL.  Tiberias.—View from the Castle.—View from Hermon.—View from Tabor.—Cana of Galilee.— The Crusaders.—Mount of Beatitudes.—Volcanoes.—Valley of Pigeons.—Battle of Arbela.— Magdala.—Sea of Tiberias.—Papyrus.—Gennesaret.—Site of Capernaum.—Site of Bethsaida.—Cliffs of Akhbara.—Safed.—Earthquakes.—Synagogues at Meirôn and Kefr Beirim.

CÆSAREA PHILIPPI AND THE HIGHLANDS OF GALILEE. By the Rev. Dr. SELAH MERRILL.  People of Galilee.—Phœnicians.—Ancient Commerce.—Cities of Refuge.—Kedesh Naphtali.— Hunîn.—Lake Hûleh.—Reed Villages.—The Hasbâny.—Site of Dan.—Bâniâs.—Fountain of the Jordan.—Cæsarea Philippi.—Castle of Subeibeh.

MOUNT HERMON AND ITS TEMPLES. By the Rev. Dr. SELAH MERRILL.  The Lebanon and Anti-Lebanon.—The Bŭkâ’a.—Oaks of Bashan.—Sacred Trees.—Lake Phiala.— Wâdy et Teim.—Pottery of Rasheiyet el Fŭkhâr.—Wâdy Shib’a.—Caverns and Grottoes.— Hasbeiya.—Source of the Jordan.—The Leddân.—Temples of Hermon.—Rukleh.—Deir el ’Ashair.—Gorge of the Barada.

DAMASCUS. By the Rev. Dr. PHILIP SCHAFF and Miss M. E. ROGERS.  Gardens and Rivers of Damascus.—Cafés.—Mosques.—Ancient Remains.—Tombs of Saladin and Bibars.—The Peasants’ Bazaar.—The Citadel.—Discovery of Arrows.—The Tekîyeh.—A Death-cry.—Private Houses.—Silversmiths and Bookbinders.—Horse Market.—Pigeon Fanciers.—Historical Sketch.—Saladin.—The Camel.—Mohammedan Worship.—The Koran.—Present Condition of Damascus.

A Bedouin of the Hauran

PALMYRA. By the Rev. HENRY H. JESSUP, D.D.  Springtime.—The Bedawîn.—To Palmyra viâ Kuryetein.—Temple of the Sun.—The Grand Colonnade.—Triumphal Gateway.—Wall of Justinian.—Turkish Fortification.—Tower Sepulchres.—Palmyrene Inscriptions.—Historical Sketch.

THE WÂDY BARADA. By the Rev. HENRY H. JESSUP, D.D.  ’Ain Fîjeh.—Sûk, Wâdy Barada.—Abila.—Ancient Tombs and Tablets.—Plain of Zebedâny.— Source of the Barada.—The Bŭkâ’a.—Tombs of Seth, Noah, and Ham.—Arab Shrines.

BA’ALBEK. By the Rev. HENRY H. JESSUP, D.D.   The Quarries.—Method of raising Colossal Stones.—Temple Platform.—Tunnels.—Temple of the Sun.—The Six Columns.—Inscriptions in the Portico.—Temple of Venus.—Ruined Mosque.—City Walls.—Historical Sketch of Ba’albek.


Rivers of Damascus

List of Illustrations in the Volume

Samaria, Esdraelon, and Galilee

000 Nablus, ancient Shechem, frontispiece.jpg

000 Nazareth well, title page.jpg

001 Moslem sanctuary in the valley of Shechem.jpg

004 Tomb of Eleazar.jpg

005 The approach to Nablus, the ancient Shechem.jpg

007 Great Mosque, Jamia el Kebir, Nablus.jpg

009 Mount Ebal from the gardens sw of Nablus.jpg

012 Nablus and Gerizim from Ebal.jpg

013 Ancient copy of the Samaritan Pentateuch.jpg

014 The hill of Samaria.jpg

015 Moslem sanctuary above reputed tomb of St John.jpg

017 Part of colonnade which once encircled Samaria.jpg

020a Southern plain of Esdraelon from Jenin.jpg

020b Plain of Dothan.jpg

021 Jenin, the ancient En-gannim.jpg

022 The mosque of Jenin.jpg

023 Mount Tabor from the waters of Megiddo.jpg

024 Khan el Lejjun, Roman Legio, supposed Megiddo.jpg

025 Taanach from the waters of Megiddo.jpg

026 Zerin, the ancient Jezreel.jpg

026b Mount Tabor.jpg

027 The Castle of Zerin, Jezreel.jpg

029 Ain Jalud, Fountain of Jezreel, Gideon's fountain.jpg

030 The hills of Samaria from Sulem, ancient Shunem.jpg

031 Mount Gilboa from Sulem.jpg

033 Mount Tabor from Nain.jpg

035 Entrance to the cave of Endor.jpg

036 The Fountain of the Virgin, Nazareth.jpg

037 Mosque at Nazareth.jpg

040 The traditional Mount of Precipitation, Nazareth.jpg

041 The summit of the hill nw of Nazareth.jpg

043 Nazareth, from the south.jpg

044b The Vale of Nazareth.jpg

046 Galilean hamlet near Nazareth.jpg

048 Mount Carmel from the castle at Sefuriyeh.jpg

049 Mount Tabor.jpg

051 Bab el Hawa, Gate of the Wind.jpg

052b Tiberias.jpg

054 Kefr Kenna, the traditional Cana of Galilee.jpg

055 The well at Kefr Kenna.jpg

056 The shrine of Neby Yunas, at El Meshhad.jpg

058 The Horns of Hattin, Kurun Hattin.jpg

059 N end of Sea of Galilee, from Castle of Tiberias.jpg

062 Mosque of Tiberias, Tubariyeh.jpg

063 Castle of Tiberias, Tubariyeh.jpg

065 Hot baths of Tiberias, Hummam Tubariyeh.jpg

067 The Valley of Pigeons, Wady El Hamam.jpg

069 Kul'at Ibn Ma'an, nw side of Valley of Pigeons.jpg

070 Magdala, Mejdel.jpg

071 Fishermen on the sea of Galilee.jpg

071b The sea of Galilee, from the heights of Safed.jpg

073 The Plain of Gennesaret from Khan Minyeh.jpg

075 The Sea of Galilee from 'Ain et Tin.jpg

078 Et Tabighah, the supposed site of Bethsaida.jpg

079 The Sea of Galilee from et Tabighah.jpg

082 View from Tell Hum with fishing boat.jpg

083 The ruins of Tell Hum.jpg

085 Caverns in the cliffs of Wady Leimon.jpg

087 The cliffs of Wady Leimon.jpg

090 Safed.jpg

091 Castle of Safed.jpg

092 Ancient synagogue, Meiron.jpg

094 Jewish shrine at Meiron.jpg

095 Remains of a synagogue at Kefr Beirim.jpg

096 Site of Kedesh Naphtali.jpg

Caesarea Philippi, Galilee Highlands, and Mt. Hermon

097 Tomb at Kedes, the ancient Kedesh Naphtali.jpg

098 Sarcophagi among the ruins of Kedesh Naphtali.jpg

099 First glimpse of Lebanon range from south.jpg

102 Lake Huleh, Waters of Merom, from Hunin.jpg

103 Hasbany River, northern tributary of the Jordan.jpg

105 Laish, afterwards called Dan.jpg

106 The Jordan at Banias, Caesarea Philippi.jpg

107 Remains of Roman aqueduct at Banias.jpg

110 Most easterly source of the Jordan, Banias.jpg

111 Sculptured niches for Pan, Caesarea Philippi.jpg

113 Bowers on the housetops at Banias.jpg

114b Caesarea Philippi.jpg

116 The castle of Subeibeh.jpg

117 The citadel of the castle of Subeibeh.jpg

120 A cup of coffee on the heights of Subeibeh.jpg

121 Moslem graves under the oaks of Bashan.jpg

122b Mount Hermon.jpg

124 The Nahr Leddan, an affluent of the Jordan.jpg

125 Pottery, Rasheiyet el Fukhar.jpg

128 The ruins of the temple at Hebbariyeh.jpg

129 Wady Shib'a from Hebbariyeh.jpg

132 The gateway, Hasbeiya.jpg

133 The palace of Hasbeiya.jpg

134 El Kuweh, the natural bridge over the Litany.jpg

135 The Gorge of the Litany.jpg

137 Mount Hermon from Rasheiya.jpg

138 The castle of Rasheiya.jpg

140 Medallion on the temple at Rukhleh.jpg

141 The temple at Deir el 'Ashair.jpg

142 Gorge of Burada, Abana.jpg

Damascus, Palmyra, and Baalbek

143 Entrance to Damascus.jpg

144b Rivers of Damascus.jpg

145 Roadside cafe, Damascus.jpg

147 Mueddin chanting the call to prayer.jpg

150 Kubbet el Khazneh, Dome of Treasures, Damascus.jpg

151 Tomb of Saladin, Damascus.jpg

154 The mosque of Sabuniyeh, Damascus.jpg

155 Gold and sliversmiths bazaar, Damascus.jpg

156 The Mohammedan day school.jpg

158 The Arch of Triumph, Damascus.jpg

160 Bridge in shoemakers bazaar, Damascus.jpg

161 A narrow byway in Damascus.jpg

162 The citadel, Damascus.jpg

165 Mosque of Terkiyeh.jpg

166 Makbaret bab es saghir, burial ground.jpg

167 The horse bazaar, Damascus.jpg

169 The large plane tree, Damascus.jpg

172 House on the city wall, Damascus.jpg

172b A street in Damascus.jpg

173 Bab shurky, east gate, Damascus.jpg

175 The street called Straight.jpg

178 Bab Tuma, gate of Thomas.jpg

179 A street barbers stall.jpg

180 Bedouins buying spears.jpg

182 Reception room of a Damascus house.jpg

183 A street drinking fountain, Damascus.jpg

185 Greek inscription on the Great Mosque.jpg

186 A bedouin of the Hauran.jpg

187 Ruined tombs, Palmyra.jpg

189 Grand colonnade, Palmyra.jpg

191 The temple of the sun, Palmyra.jpg

193 Ruins of a mausoleum, Palmyra.jpg

193b Palmyra.jpg

196 The triumphal arch, Palmyra.jpg

197 View of Palmyra, from grand colonnade.jpg

199 Wady Barada from Bessima.jpg

202 Ain Fijeh.jpg

203 Wayside tombs in Wady Barada.jpg

205 Gathering figs on the Barada.jpg

207 Tombs and aqeduct, Wady Barada.jpg

209 Cliffs of Suk, Wady Barada.jpg

210 Road, tablets in Wady Barada.jpg

211 Waterfall of upper Barada.jpg

213 The tomb of Noah.jpg

214 Arab shrine.jpg

215 Entrance to the ruins of Baalbek.jpg

217 The temple of the sun, Baalbek.jpg

217b Lebanon Range and Baalbek.jpg

219 Peristyle, temple of the sun, Baalbek.jpg

222 Fallen column, Baalbek.jpg

223 Portico of the great temple, Baalebek.jpg

226 Gateway to the temple of the sun, Baalbek.jpg

227 Ruined mosque, north of Baalbek.jpg

230 Six columns of the great temple, Baalbek.jpg

231 South, east corner of the temple of the sun.jpg

234 The temple of Venus.jpg

235 Large stone in quarry, Baalbek.jpg

236 Cedar of Lebanon.jpg

237 Grove of cedars, Lebanon.jpg

"The Picturesque Palestine DVD is truly a remarkable resource. I was amazed how much the scenery of many of the sites has been altered or marred by construction, etc., over the years. Thank you again for all the work you put into the project. I am already using your materials extensively in several teaching opportunities I have been presented with at my old high school."

—Chris Martin