The American Colony and Eric Matson Collection:

Early 20th-Century History

Founded in 1881 by Horatio Spafford (author of the famous hymn, It is Well With My Soul), the American Colony in Jerusalem operated a thriving photographic enterprise for almost four decades. Their images document the land and its people, with a special emphasis on biblical and archaeological sites, inspirational scenes, and historic events. One of the photographers, G. Eric Matson, inherited the archive, adding to it his own later work through the “Matson Photo Service.” He eventually donated all the negatives to the U.S. Library of Congress, which has made them available to the public.

This volume includes more than 400 selected photographs of important figures and events from the pre-1948 history of Palestine, including the visit of Kaiser Wilhelm to Jerusalem (1898), the surrender of Jerusalem (1917), the Arab Riots (1920s), the founding of Hebrew University (1925), and Zionist projects in Palestine. All of the images are included in pre-made PowerPoint® files for quick and easy use, as well as in high-resolution jpg format, suitable for projecting or printing.

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About the Producer: Dr. Todd Bolen is a Professor of Biblical Studies at The Master’s University. He lived and taught for many years at their campus near Jerusalem. He is the producer of more than 45 volumes of photographs illustrating the biblical world, including the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands and the Photo Companion to the Bible.

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List of Photographs in the Volume


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1927 Earthquake.ppt

1929 Arab Riots and Aftermath.ppt

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1945 Post World War II.ppt

Arab Personalities.ppt

British Mandate Projects.ppt

British Personalities, Herbert Samuel.ppt

British Personalities, James Balfour.ppt

British Personalities, Winston Churchill.ppt

British Personalities.ppt


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Zionist Agricultural Settlements, Rishon LeZion.ppt

Zionist Agricultural Settlements.ppt

Zionist Industrial Works.ppt

1898 Wilhelm's Visit

Wilhelm visit, Arab lancers in street procession

Wilhelm visit, arch near German Consulate

Wilhelm visit, band beside Church of Redeemer

Wilhelm visit, Church of Redeemer dedication

Wilhelm visit, crowd at Jerusalem railroad station

Wilhelm visit, emperor and empress at Dome of Rock

Wilhelm visit, emperor and empress at Tomb of Kings

Wilhelm visit, emperor and empress sightseeing

Wilhelm visit, emperor in street procession

Wilhelm visit, emperor leaving camp

Wilhelm visit, emperor riding, Citadel behind

Wilhelm visit, emperor, empress at garden reception

Wilhelm visit, interior of camp

Wilhelm visit, Jaffa Road during procession

Wilhelm visit, landing of emperor at Haifa

Wilhelm visit, royal party at Tomb of Kings

Wilhelm visit, royal party entering Jerusalem

Wilhelm visit, Turkish guards at camp entrance

Wilhelm visit, visiting Tomb of Kings

1917 Turkish Surrender

Allenby accepts surrender of Jerusalem officials

Allenby entry 1917, Allenby and Pasha at Citadel

Allenby entry 1917, Allenby receiving notables

Allenby entry 1917, Allenby receiving notables

Allenby entry 1917, Pasha reading proclamation

Allenby entry 1917, proclamation read in Arabic

Kaiser Wilhelm II, visit to Jerusalem, 1898

Allenby entry 1917, troops entering Jaffa Gate

Allenby entry, Jaffa Gate, British troops line streets

Allenby entry, on horseback at Jaffa Gate

Allenby entry, proclamation of martial law

Allenby entry, Russian compound, British troops

Allenby investiture

Allenby parade and investiture

First British flag flying over Government House

Investiture 1918, Allenby invested with decorations

Investiture 1918, Allenby shaking hands with Duke

Investiture 1918, generals Allenby and Chetwode

Surrender 1917, copy of letter of surrender

Surrender 1917, General Shea, accepted surrender

Surrender 1917, Jerusalem with two sergeants

Surrender 1917, Major Barry, 1st officer to arrive

Surrender 1917, sergeants Sedgewick and Hurcomb

Surrender 1917, Watson, 1st officer to enter city

Surrender Monument in Romema Colony

Surrender of Jerusalem, 1917, British generals

Surrender of Jerusalem, 1917, el Husseini

Surrender of Jerusalem, 1917, Turkish prisoners

Surrender to British, 1917, British general arrival

Surrender to British, 1917, first British guard

Surrender to British, 1917, mayor with white flag

Surrender to British, 1917, Watson and mayor

Surrender to British, 1917, Watson at Jaffa Gate

1917 World War I

Army signpost

British artillery passing through Jerusalem

British artillery

Disabled tank at Gaza

German prisoners of war arriving at Jerusalem

German prisoners of war in Jerusalem

Mount Scopus, Australian light horse

Nebi Samwil from British trenches

Nebi Samwil from Turkish trenches

Nebi Samwil, interior of demolished mosque

Nebi Samwil, ruined mosque, distant view

Nebi Samwil, ruined mosque, heap of debris

Nebi Samwil, ruined village

Allenby's entry to Jerusalem, 1917

Nebi Samwil, ruins inside mosque

Nebi Samwil, unexploded bomb in mosque wall

Railroad car where armistice was signed, 1918

Results of war, Ramadan salute by British battery

Soldier's grave, Jerusalem, Lieutenant Worthington

Soldiers' graves, Mount Scopus, Jerusalem

Tell el Ful battle, Turkish casualties

Tell el Ful battlefield, dead Turks in battlefield

Tell el Ful battlefield, fallen Turks in field

Tell el Ful battlefield, grave with fallen Turks

Tell el Ful battlefield, large grave of dead Turks

Tell el Ful battlefield

Tell el Ful battlefield, Turk killed throwing bomb

Temporary railway near tombs of Judges

Turkish military, men dancing with swords

Turkish officers visiting Jerusalem, Cemal Pasa

War cemetery at Deir el Belah

War cemetery at Gaza consecration

War cemetery at Gaza

War cemetery at Ramle

War cemetery on Mount Scopus, Jerusalem

WWI, German troops on parade, in city

WWI, German troops on parade

WWI, German troops on parade, men on horses

WWI, Turkish officers visiting Jerusalem Parade

1920 Arab Riots

Arab demonstration, March 8, 1920

Arab riots, June 30, 1920

British checking Arab for arms, Jaffa Gate

British checking Greek priest for arms, Jaffa Gate

British checking Jew for arms, Jaffa Gate

British checkpoint, Jaffa Gate

British soldiers prepared for riots

British soldiers with Lewis guns inside St Stephen's Gate

British soldiers with machine guns posted at Jaffa Gate

Indian and British guards, St Stephen's Gate

Machine gun company, outskirts of Jerusalem

Plane over Jerusalem, British preparation for riots

1925 Hebrew University

Allenby, Balfour and Samuel at Hebrew University

Arab black flags, protest of Hebrew U opening

Arab market closed, protest of Hebrew U opening

German prisoners of war arriving in Jerusalem, 1917

Hebrew University, Balfour at opening ceremony

Hebrew University, empty amphitheater

Hebrew University, laying foundation stone, July 1918

Hebrew University

Hebrew University, opening ceremony

Hebrew University, Samuel speaking at opening

Hebrew University, Weizmann speaking at opening

Opening of Hebrew University, lab, 1925

1927 Earthquake

Earthquake of 1927, damage in street

Earthquake of 1927, damaged building

Earthquake of 1927, damaged main building of Augusta

Earthquake of 1927, damaged room of Augusta

Earthquake of 1927, deep fissures near Dead Sea

Earthquake of 1927, great rifts on Jordan River banks

Earthquake of 1927, house on Mount of Olives

Earthquake of 1927, Jericho, Winter Palace Hotel

Earthquake of 1927, Jordan River checked by caving banks

Earthquake of 1927, landslide at Jordan, reed house

Earthquake of 1927, mosque on Mount of Olives

Earthquake of 1927, Nablus, blocked up street

Earthquake of 1927, Nablus, destroyed house

Earthquake of 1927, Nablus, general view of damage

Earthquake of 1927, St John's Convent at Jordan River

1929 Arab Riots and Aftermath

1929 riots, Artuf burning, Jewish colony

1929 riots, proclamation by Chancellor

1929 riots, second proclamation by Chancellor

British inspections during Arab riots, 1920

1929 riots, Shaw Commission of Inquiry

1929 riots, telegram to commissioner from Arab Exec

Arab protest delegation to London

Pan-Islamic conference, Bedouin tent, Shunat Nimrin

Pan-Islamic conference, dinner spread, Shunat Nimrin

Pan-Islamic conference, dinner, Shunat Nimrin

Pan-Islamic conference, group of delegates, Shunat Nimrin

Pan-Islamic conference, in session, Shunat Nimrin

Rawdat el Maaref hall, Arab protest gathering

Wailing Wall Commission

1944 Jewish Brigade

Jewish Brigade recruitment, inspection

Jewish Brigade recruitment, marching

Jewish Brigade recruitment, officer saluting

Jewish Brigade recruitment, soldiers at attention

Jewish Brigade recruitment, soldiers marching

1945 Post World War II

Abdullah, Emir Illah, Emir Naif, Nuri Pasha Said

Air raid shelter at Solomon's Quarries

Arab political conference, American Colony

Attack on Hotel King David on Monday, July 22, 1946

King George VI, birthday parade, camels

King George VI, birthday parade, King David Hotel

King George VI, birthday parade

King George VI, birthday parade, military vehicles

Palestine Inquiry Commission at Dome of the Rock

Police headquarters damaged by Jewish bomb, 1945

Sheikh handing Abdullah proclamation at coronation

Arab Personalities

Emir Abdullah and Emir Shakir, Amman, 1921

Emir Abdullah el Hashemi of Transjordan

Emir Abdullah in Amman

Emir Abdullah with standard in Amman, 1921

Funeral of King Hussein, casket

Funeral of King Hussein, Jerusalem, Al Aqsa Mosque

Funeral of King Hussein, Jerusalem, procession

Funeral of King Hussein, Jerusalem, view of crowds

Arab protest gathering, Rawdat el-Maaref hall

Hajj Amin al-Husseini in front of al Aqsa Mosque

Hajj Amin al-Husseini, boys school, Dome of the Rock

King Faisal of Iraq, last visit to Jerusalem

King Faisal reviewing troops in Amman

King Farouk of Egypt and his family

King Hussein and Musa Kazim Pasha in Amman

King Hussein in Amman

Mutgal Pasha's sons Sheik Akif and Mahshur

Samuel, Abdullah and Deedes, Amman, 1921

Samuel, Abdullah and Shakir, Amman, 1921

Sultan el Atrash and retinue in tent, Wadi Sirhan

Sultan el Atrash, leader of Druze revolt in 1925

British Mandate Projects

Beit Nabala, YMCA celebration, four Y secretaries

Beit Nabala, YMCA celebration

Beit Nabala, YMCA celebration, opening of Y huts

Beit Nabala, YMCA celebration, pool opened by Allan

Beit Nabala, YMCA celebration, YMCA center

Government House, interior, reception room

Government House, residence of high commissioner

Hebron blind school commencement 1944, boys singing

Hebron blind school commencement exercises 1944

Hebron hospital, nurse's bedroom, Aug 1944

Hebron hospital, operating theater, toward window

Hebron hospital, operating theatre, Aug 1944

Hebron hospital, salon or sitting room, Aug 1944

Hebron hospital, women's ward, Aug 1944

British Personalities

Emir Abdullah, Ronald Storrs on HMS Iron Duke

Governor Edward Keith-Roach

Harold MacMichael, High Commissioner for Palestine

Lawrence flying to el Azrak, 1921

Lawrence ready for flight to el Azrak, 1921

Lawrence, Abdullah, Salmond and Deedes

Lord Plumer group outside of Dome of the Rock

MacMichael in Beersheba courtroom

MacMichael with house party in sunken garden

Sir Ronald Storrs, governor of Jerusalem District

Sir, Lady and Miss MacMichael in sunken garden

Wauchope taking oath of office, Government House

British Personalities, Herbert Samuel

Arrival of commissioner Samuel, king's message read

Commissioner Samuel arriving to Rishon LeZion, 1920

Commissioner Samuel reading proclamation in Amman

Durbar annexing Transjordan in Es Salt

Durbar in Es Salt

Durbar, Samuel annexing Transjordan, Es Salt, 1920

Winston Churchill, T. E. Lawrence, Emir Abdullah

Government House, first time British flag displayed

Herbert Samuel at Amman, April 17, 1921

Herbert Samuel at Amman, April 1921

Herbert Samuel at Jewish colony, July 27, 1920

Herbert Samuel in Ashkelon, Sept 10, 1920

Herbert Samuel reading proclamation, July 9, 1920

Herbert Samuel reception, June 30, 1920

Herbert Samuel, Emir Abdullah on HMS Iron Duke

High commissioner Samuel greeting grand mufti, 1920

High commissioner Samuel talking to peasants, 1920

High commissioner Samuel talking to villagers, 1920

Inaugurating civil administration in Palestine, 1920

Jaffa, high commissioner Samuel landing, 1920

Jaffa, rowboat bringing commissioner Samuel ashore

Jaffa, Samuel and governors of Jerusalem, 1920

New era, Allenby, Samuel and Abdullah

New era, Samuel delivering address

Reading final interpretation of Mandate, 1920

Samuel preceded by Zionist banner, Rishon LeZion

Samuel returning from Durbar, Es Salt

Sir Herbert Samuel, high commissioner, 1920

Sir Samuel, Colonel Lawrence, Emir Abdullah, 1921

British Personalities, James Balfour

Lord Balfour at Jewish colonies

Lord Balfour at Rishon LeZion

Lord Balfour in Tel Aviv

Lord Balfour visit, Arab newspaper special edition

Lord Balfour visit, protest in Arab newspaper

Lord Balfour

Lord Balfour, Samuel, Magnes, Weizmann, opening of Hebrew U

Maccabees parading for Lord Balfour

Visit of Lord Balfour to Jewish colonies

British Personalities, Winston Churchill

Churchill at tree planting ceremony, Hebrew U

Churchill visit, 1921

Churchill, Lawrence and Emir Abdullah

Emir Abdullah, Lawrence, Churchill

Samuel and Churchill at Hebrew U

Winston Churchill and Emir Abdullah, Government House

Winston Churchill and Herbert Samuel in cemetery


Arab stamp, Palestine for the Arabs

Board room of golden books in the Zionist buildings

British and Foreign Bible Society Building, 1928

Caravan of Dodges

Christmas Victory card

Inaugurating civil administration in Palestine, 1920

Dutch airplane disaster, 1934

Golden books, imperishable pages, treated parchment

Jewish protest against White Paper, poster

Jewish protest of White Paper, result of riot

Legal document, 1897

Military trench near Jerusalem

One golden book

Opening of Bible House, April 10, 1928

Printing of Palestine first stamps, Aug 24, 1920

Printing of Palestine postage stamps, Aug 24, 1920

Record of sale of land on Mount Zion, 1897

Three Arabs and new Dodge

YMCA athletic events

Ottoman Rule

Ashraf Bey in American Colony courtyard

Enver Pasha and Djemal Pasha visiting Dome of Rock

Last Turkish celebration of Nebi Musa Feast

Man dancing with swords at American Colony Store

Mayor of Jerusalem and Turkish officer

Osman Fuad and Djemal Pasha at Salahiyeh School

Sherif of Medina and Grand Mufti in carriage, Jerusalem

Turkish airplane in Jerusalem

Turkish camel corps in Jerusalem

Turkish governor in Nazareth

Turkish officers visiting Jerusalem mosque

Turkish soldiers before Tower of David

Turkish soldiers on parade grounds

Turkish troops and band on parade ground

Turkish troops on David Street, 1898

Zeki Bey, military commander of Jerusalem, and staff

Tel Aviv

Funeral of Tel Aviv Mayor Dizengoff, Sept 1936

Tel Aviv Diamond Works, cut and polished diamonds

Tel Aviv, building nearing completion

Tel Aviv, carrying bricks

Tel Aviv, concrete foundations of home

Turkish camel corps in Jerusalem

Tel Aviv, constructing brick building

Tel Aviv, constructing street

Tel Aviv, emergency camp

Tel Aviv, finishing upper story

Tel Aviv, immigrants' first home in Palestine

Tel Aviv, immigration camp for Jews

Tel Aviv, Jewish mason at work

Tel Aviv, leveling ground

Tel Aviv, mayor showing city to Balfour

Tel Aviv, modern building completed

Tel Aviv, modern city in Palestine

Tel Aviv, modern street completed

Tel Aviv, preparing for building

Tel Aviv, process of building progressing

Tel Aviv, removing sand dunes

Zionist Agricultural Settlements

Ain Zeitoun, Jewish colony

Ben Shemen

Bnai Brak, bank

Bnai Brak, synagogue

Bnei Brak, Zionist colony, closer view

Borochov, Zionist colony, girls' farm, bee hives

Borochov, Zionist colony, girls' farm, poultry

Children at Negba settlement

Colony at Gideon's Fountain

Commencing Jewish settlement, breaking sod

Commencing Jewish settlement, camp

Commencing Jewish settlement, cultivating ground

Commencing Jewish settlement, digging trench

Commencing Jewish settlement, first wooden house

Tel Aviv immigration camp for Jews

Commencing Jewish settlement, gathering stones

Commencing Jewish settlement, harvester thresher

Commencing Jewish settlement, harvesting

Commencing Jewish settlement, men and women working

Commencing Jewish settlement, plowing

Commencing Jewish settlement, provisional kitchen

Commencing Jewish settlement, settlers arriving

Commencing Jewish settlement, threshing with board

Commencing Jewish settlement, types of settlers

Degania A, Jewish colony near Semakh

Degania orchards and Sea of Galilee

Gat, babies enjoying sun in their birthday suits

Gat, babies sun bathing, baby home in background

Gat, children of settlement polishing their shoes

Gat, children, close view

Gat, infant cages

Gat, Jewish settlement, east of Gaza road

Harvesting, Jewish colony

Jewish colony, farm scene

Jewish colony

Jewish colony, woman in wheat field

Kefar Yeladim, formerly children's colony

Mishmar HaYarden, Jewish colony

Mishmar HaYarden

Modern harvester in Jezreel Valley

Nahalal, agricultural school, picking violets

Nahalal, girl's agricultural school, cow shed

Nahalal, girl's agricultural school, dining room

Nahalal, girl's agricultural school, group

Nahalal, girl's agricultural school, milking cows

Nahalal, girl's agricultural school, student

Nahalal, Girls' agricultural training school


Rosh Pinna

Tell Hai Farm, Jewish colony

Zikhron Yaakov, synagogue exterior

Zikhron Yaakov, synagogue interior

Zionist Agricultural Settlements, Rishon LeZion

Rishon LeZion, administration building

Rishon LeZion, architect's house

Rishon LeZion, buildings

Rishon LeZion, engine room

Rishon LeZion, fermentation room

Rishon LeZion, girl with basket of almonds

Rishon LeZion, group of almond gatherers

Rishon LeZion, Okava safety blade factory

Rishon LeZion, picking almonds

Settings arriving at Jewish settlement

Rishon LeZion, synagogue, exterior

Rishon LeZion, wine box factory

Rishon LeZion, wine cellars, basement

Zionist Industrial Works

Haifa, Jewish factories, Shemen Soapworks

Haifa, Neshur Cement Works, general view from west

Haifa, Shemen Oil Works, oil packing department

Haifa, Shemen Oil Works, refinery of edible oils

Haifa, Shemen Oil Works, seed milling department

Jewish factories

Kfar Ata, Ata Textile Company, main house

Kfar Ata, Ata Textile Company

Lodzia Textile Company in Holon settlement

Lodzia Textile Company, underwear department

Nachlat Izhak, Jacquard weaving looms, close up

Nachlat Izhak, negative printing of patterns

Nachlat Izhak, preparation of original designs

Nachlat Izhak, printing table and drying apparatus

Nachlat Izhak, ribbons and woven labels manufacture

Nachlat Izhak, samples of finished labels

Petah Tikvah, Barzelit wire drawing, nail factory

Ramat Gan, Argaman Textile, finishing department

Ramat Gan, Elite Chocolate Factory, general view

Ramat Gan, Elite Chocolate Factory, products

Ramat Gan, Meshi Silk Company, jacquard silk loom

Rehovot, Sieff Building at Weizmann Institute

Tirsah Furniture manufacturers, factory exterior

Tirsah Furniture manufacturers, workshop interior

Almond gatherers, Rishon LeZion