The American Colony and Eric Matson Collection:

Volumes 1-8

Founded in 1881 by Horatio Spafford (author of the famous hymn, It is Well With My Soul), the American Colony in Jerusalem operated a thriving photographic enterprise for almost four decades. Their images document the land and its people, with a special emphasis on biblical and archaeological sites, inspirational scenes, and historic events. One of the photographers, G. Eric Matson, inherited the archive, adding to it his own later work through the “Matson Photo Service.” He eventually donated all the negatives to the U.S. Library of Congress, which has made them available to the public.

This collection includes more than 4,000 selected photographs of sites and scenes from Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt. All of the images are included in pre-made PowerPoint® files for quick and easy use, as well as in high-resolution jpg format, suitable for projecting or printing. Quotations from 19th-century travelers give additional context to many of the photographs.

The Collection includes:
Volume 1: Northern Palestine
Volume 2: Jerusalem
Volume 3: Southern Palestine
Volume 4: Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan
Volume 5: Egypt and Sinai
Volume 6: Traditional Life and Customs
Volume 7: Early 20th-Century History
Volume 8: People of Palestine

About the Producer: Dr. Todd Bolen is a Professor of Biblical Studies at The Master’s University. He lived and taught for many years at their campus near Jerusalem. He is the producer of more than 45 volumes of photographs illustrating the biblical world, including the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands and the Photo Companion to the Bible.

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"I cannot overemphasize what a great deal The American Colony and Eric Matson Collection is. And if you happen to teach the Bible, you will find numerous illustrations that will take your teaching to a new level. The pictures, the people depicted, the atmosphere that surrounds them, the interesting and well-researched notes, all add to a truly valuable learning experience. Get this set and see for yourself what the Land of the Bible looked like. You will not be disappointed.

"After having visited Israel just a few months ago (and taken a good number of pictures and personal notes!), this DVD set helped me appreciate even more some of the many details this fascinating land has to offer."
—Rubén Gómez of Bible Software Review

Summary of the Collection


# of Photos Annotations Price
Volume 1: Northern Palestine 600+ 19th century explorers $25
Volume 2: Jerusalem 650+ Original explanations $30
Volume 3: Southern Palestine 550+ 19th century explorers $25
Volume 4: Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan 700+ 19th century explorers $25
Volume 5: Egypt and Sinai 450+ -- $20
Volume 6: Traditional Life and Customs 600+ 19th century explorers $25
Volume 7: Early 20th-Century History 400+ -- $20
Volume 8: People of Palestine 250+ -- $20
All 8 Volumes 4,380   $99

List of Photographs on Volume 1: Northern Palestine



Caesarea Philippi.ppt


Ephraim and Manasseh.ppt

Galilee Hill Country.ppt


Huleh Basin.ppt


Jezreel Valley.ppt

Mount Carmel.ppt

Mount Hermon.ppt

Mount Tabor.ppt


Samaria city.ppt

Sea of Galilee, Capernaum.ppt

Sea of Galilee, Tabgha.ppt

Sea of Galilee, Tiberias.ppt

Sea of Galilee.ppt

Sharon Plain.ppt

Shechem area.ppt

Tel Aviv.ppt


Acco and harbor

Acco from bay

Acco, British cannon from Napoleonic Wars

Acco, castle gardens

Acco, castle moat on north side

Acco, Crusader castle, Palestine penitentiary

Acco, Mosque of Jezzar Pasha

Acco, Mosque of Jezzar Pasha

Mount Carmel and Plain of Asher

Nakura, British frontier post on seacoast

Plain of Asher


Anathoth, home of Jeremiah

Ascent to Beth Horon

Ein Samiya gorge

Excavations at Mizpah, course of wall

Excavations at Mizpah

Excavations at Mizpah, mouth of old cistern

Excavations at Mizpah, old cave unearthed

Excavations at Mizpah, pillared building

Excavations at Mizpah, remains of wall and tower

Excavations at Mizpah, sifting debris for potsherds

Excavations at Mizpah, view south to Jerusalem

Excavations at Mizpah, visitors

Excavations at Mizpah, wall 18 feet wide

Excavations at Mizpah, wall

Excavations at Mizpah, women carrying debris

Excavations at Mizpah, women dumping debris

Geba, modern Jeba

Gibeah of Saul, Tell el Ful

Remains of Herod's temple at Samaria

Gibeon pool, Nebi Samwil on horizon


Gibeon, spring

Looking south from Ramah

Lower Beth Horon

Lower Beth Horon

Michmash gorge, Bozez and Seneh

Michmash, modern Mukhmas

Michmash, rolling stone of tomb

Mizpah, Tell en-Nasbeh, excavations

Nebi Samwil from British trenches

Nebi Samwil from el-Jib, Gibeon

Nebi Samwil from Mizpah

Nebi Samwil from the British trenches

Nebi Samwil with rebuilt mosque

Nebi Samwil

Nebi Samwil, ruined village

Nebi Samwil, threshing floor in foreground

Nob, Shuafat

Ramah of Benjamin, modern er-Ram

Rimmon, modern Rammun

Upper and Lower Beth Horon

Upper Beth Horon


Caesarea, apses of cathedral from southeast

Caesarea, Arab homes built over site of cathedral

Caesarea, castle and harbor from north

Caesarea, castle and harbor from north

Caesarea, castle from south

Caesarea, castle, close up of fallen mass of wall

Caesarea, castle, small section on south side

Caesarea, drain close to north Crusader wall

Caesarea, eastern Crusader rampart and moat

Caesarea, general view from south

Caesarea, general view of Arab town

Caesarea, hippodrome, large conical stone fragment

Michmash gorge, Bozez and Seneh

Caesarea, mole of pillars looking seaward

Caesarea, mole of pillars looking southwest

Caesarea, northern Crusader rampart and moat

Caesarea, overlooking cathedral showing three apses

Caesarea, overlooking northern Crusader rampart

Caesarea, Roman aqueduct

Caesarea, Roman aqueduct

Caesarea, section of Roman south wall or Road Tower

Caesarea, section within south Crusader wall

Caesarea, shore close to theater, mouth of drain

Caesarea, site of hippodrome from north

Caesarea, site of hippodrome from south

Caesarea, site of hippodrome looking northeast

Caesarea, site of southern theater

Caesarea, south shore close to Roman theater

Caesarea, sunset with fishing boat and castle

Caesarea, sunset with fishing boat and castle

Caesarea, sunset, overlooking remains of stronghold

Caesarea, west side of cathedral, Paul's prison

Caesarea Philippi

Banias source of Jordan

Banias source of Jordan

Banias village, ancient Caesarea Philippi

Banias, summer house

Caesarea Philippi, niches in escarpment

Caesarea Philippi, Roman bridge and city gate

Caesarea Philippi, Roman bridge and city gate

Caesarea Philippi, shrine to god Pan

Caesarea Philippi, shrines to god Pan

Caesarea Philippi, shrines to god Pan

Caesarea Philippi, source of Jordan

Caesarea Philippi, source of Jordan

Caesarea Philippi, two men by river

Weli, sanctuary at Banias

Ephraim and Manasseh

Arab village in Ephraim

Awerta, tombs of Eleazar and Phinehas

Beitin, gathering tares from wheat

Beitin, harvest time

Beitin, inhabitants in orchard

Beitin, possible Bethel

Bethel excavation, 1954, Canaanite houses

Bethel excavation, 1954, Greco-Roman houses

Bethel excavation, 1954, house from Judges period

Bethel excavation, 1954, house from Judges period

Bethel excavation, 1954, pots from first century

Dothan, Joseph's Well

Dothan, where Joseph was sold by his brothers

Caesarea, with southern Crusader wall

El Bireh, possible Beeroth

Hill country of Ephraim

Joseph's Well, Dothan

Kefar Malek, typical village

Lubban, biblical Lebonah

Mosque at Jenin

Ramallah, distant view


Ramallah, street

Shiloh from south

Shiloh, Plain of the Maidens

Shiloh, ruins

Taiybe village, biblical Ephraim

Taiybe, ruins of buttress

Taiybe, ruins of church

Tibna, columbarium

Tibna, oak

Tibna, possible Timnath Serah

Tibna, ruins

Galilee Hill Country

Ancient stone jar

Cave of prehistoric Galilee Skull

Cave of prehistoric Galilee Skull, stratification

Horns of Hattin

Kadesh Naphtali ruins

Kadesh Naphtali, old sarcophagus

Kefar Kenna, traditional Cana of Galilee

Kefar Kenna, traditional Cana, Greek church interior

Kefar Kenna, traditional Cana, Greek church

Kefar Kenna, traditional Cana, home

Safed looking east

Safed, city built on a hill

Sea of Galilee and Arbel from Horns of Hattin

Sea of Galilee from Horns of Hattin

Wadi Hammam, Arbel, Sea of Galilee from west


Haifa and bay from lower slopes of Mount Carmel

Haifa and bay from top of Mount Carmel

Haifa and bay, seen from Mount Carmel

Haifa and harbor from Mount Carmel

Haifa and harbor from slopes of Mount Carmel

Haifa and Kishon from Hebrew Technical Institute

Haifa and Mount Carmel

Haifa bay from Abbas Effendi's garden

Kefar Malek, typical village in Palestine

Haifa before harbor complete, panorama

Haifa from Church Missionary Society School

Haifa from Mount Carmel

Haifa harbor with war ship

Haifa, closer panorama 1

Haifa, closer panorama 2

Haifa, closer panorama 3

Haifa, new railroad station, 1946

Haifa, new section, showing Tomb of Abbas Effendi

Haifa, petrol tanks, concrete viaduct over railroad

Haifa, view of bay from Carmel with harbor and Acco

Haifa, view of bay from Carmel with harbor and Acco

Hebrew Technical Institute, main building, gardens

Oil tanks near Haifa with bridge across railroad

Oil tanks near Haifa, close up

Huleh Basin

Bridge over Jordan, Jisr Banat Yacoub

Dan, main source of Jordan

Dan, Tell El Kadi, source of Jordan

Hasbany source of Jordan

Hazor, upper city from south

Huleh and Mount Hermon from Rosh Pinna-Safed road

Huleh Lake and Mount Hermon

Huleh Lake from Hazor

Jordan and Jisr Benat Yacoub, British frontier post

Tell Hazor excavations

Tell Hazor

View looking south from Dan


Jaffa from Hotel du Parc

Jaffa from north beach

Jaffa from sea

Jaffa from sea

Jaffa shore, rocks in storm

Jaffa, Alhambra Cinema, Arab cinema

Jaffa, Alhambra Cinema, Arab cinema

Jaffa, bazaar

Jaffa, bazaar

Haifa, view of bay with Acco in distance

Jaffa, boat going through rocks

Jaffa, boys with baskets of oranges

Jaffa, coasting boat being loaded with oranges

Jaffa, exporting oranges

Jaffa, harbor

Jaffa, house of Simon the Tanner

Jaffa, landing place

Jaffa, loading camel with orange boxes

Jaffa, marketplace

Jaffa, mosque

Jaffa, older section of city by sea

Jaffa, older section of city by sea

Jaffa, orange grove with irrigating canal

Jaffa, orange grove

Jaffa, orange laden steamer off for Liverpool

Jaffa, packing oranges

Jaffa, port

Jaffa, Rocks of Andromeda

Jaffa, rough sea

Jaffa, street and clock tower

Jaffa, street at house of Simon the Tanner

Jaffa, street near landing place

Jaffa, street with tracks

Jaffa, Tabitha's well

Jaffa, view from roof of Simon the Tanner's house

Jezreel Valley

Afuleh railway station

Afuleh, early Jewish settlement

Afuleh, hospital for entire countryside

Afuleh, with mountains of Gilboa

Ahab's Well near Jezreel

Beth Shean and mountains of Gilboa

Beth Shean excavations, dumping debris

Beth Shean excavations, remains of Byzantine portal

Beth Shean excavations, tomb containing skeleton

Beth Shean from south, site of recent excavations

Beth Shean, Arab village of Beisan

Beth Shean, excavations in progress

Beth Shean, excavations in progress

Jaffa, street and clock tower

Beth Shean, general view of ruins

Beth Shean, tell

Ein Harod, baby creche, baby in crib

Ein Harod, children's home, communal creche

Ein Harod, communal dining room

Ein Harod, communal house

Ein Harod, Gideon's Fountain modernized

Ein Harod, Gideon's Fountain

Ein Harod, new settlement

Endor village

Hill of Moreh and Jezreel Valley

Jezreel Valley and Carmel Range

Jezreel Valley from Mount Carmel

Jezreel Valley from Nazareth hills

Jezreel Valley from Nazareth

Jezreel Valley, aerial view with Gilboa and Ein Harod

Jezreel Valley, Hill of Moreh from Nazareth Ridge

Jezreel Valley, Tel Adis

Jezreel, Arab village of Zerin

Jezreel, Arab village of Zerin

Jezreel, remains of Tower of Jezebel

Kishon River and Mount Carmel from Jezreel Valley

Kishon River and Mount Carmel

Megiddo, Tell Mutesellim

Nain and Mount Tabor


Shunem and mountains of Gilboa

Shunem gardens

Shunem village

Mount Carmel

Carmel Range from Nazareth hill

Carmelite monastery, interior of chapel

Carmelite monastery

Daliyeh, Druze home

Mount Carmel and palm groves

Mount Carmel, Druze guest chamber

Mount Carmel, Elijah's Spring

Mount Carmel, flocks at place of sacrifice

Mount Carmel, Muhraqa monastery

Mount Carmel, one of its thousand valleys

Mount Carmel, place of sacrifice

Mt Carmel, place of sacrifice from Jezreel Valley

Sunset over Mount Carmel

Mount Hermon

Mount Hermon from east with camels

Mount Hermon from Horns of Hattin

Mount Hermon from Nazareth

Mount Hermon from Sea of Galilee

Mount Hermon from summit of Jebel Sunnin

Mount Hermon summit, aerial view

Mount Hermon, Druze guide on summit

Mount Hermon, highest point

Ein Harod, Gideon's Fountain

Mount Hermon, looking east

Mount Hermon, looking northwest

Mount Hermon, looking south

Mount Hermon, looking southwest

Mount Hermon

Mount Hermon, ruins of Kasr Antar on summit

Mount Hermon, snow clad, from Nahal Barbar

Mount Hermon, spring of Ain Sabrun

Mount Hermon, sunrise from summit

Mount Hermon, view looking north

Subeibeh, Nimrod's Fortress, inside view

Subeibeh, Nimrod's Fortress

Mount Tabor

Church on Mount Tabor

Daburieh and Mount Tabor

Mount Tabor from Jezreel Valley

Mount Tabor from west

Mount Tabor, Church of Transfiguration, dome mosaic

Mount Tabor, Church of Transfiguration, from nw

Mount Tabor, Church of Transfiguration, from sw

Mount Tabor, Church of Transfiguration, interior

Mount Tabor

Mount Tabor, ruins where present church now stands

Mount Tabor, showing zigzag road to summit


Hill of Precipitation near Nazareth

Nazareth and Hill of Precipitation

Nazareth and Mt Tabor

Nazareth from east, bridle path in foreground

Nazareth from east

Nazareth, animal market

Nazareth, bazaars

Nazareth, Chapel of Carpenter Shop, interior

Sea of Galilee with Mount Hermon

Nazareth, Chapel of Carpenter Shop

Nazareth, Chapel of Mensa Christi

Nazareth, Church of Annunciation, exterior

Nazareth, Church of Annunciation

Nazareth, Church of the Annunciation

Nazareth, covered street, high arches

Nazareth, general view

Nazareth, Greek Church of Virgin

Nazareth, Home of Christ and chapel

Nazareth, home of Christ

Nazareth, Joseph's workshop

Nazareth, maiden dressed in antique brocade


Nazareth, old bazaars with dome of Mensa Christi

Nazareth, old city street

Nazareth, site of synagogue

Nazareth, street scene in older quarter

Nazareth, vegetable market

Nazareth, Virgin's Fountain

Samaria city

Samaria excavations, Iron Age acropolis

Samaria excavations, stairway to Herodian temple

Samaria from Church of St John

Samaria from Shechem Road

Samaria, ancient sculptures found at Samaria

Samaria, Church of St John, interior

Samaria, Church of St John

Samaria, distant view

Samaria, general view

Samaria, grand colonnade

Samaria, Herodian temple remains

Samaria, Herodian towers and city gate

Samaria, looking south toward Valley of Samaria

Samaria, looking west toward Valley of Samaria

Samaria, pillars of Roman basilica

Sea of Galilee

Chorazin ruins

Chorazin ruins

Chorazin, Seat of Moses with Hebrew inscription

Chorazin, synagogue ruins

Chorazin, synagogue ruins

Country of Gadarenes from Sea of Galilee

Country of Gadarenes

Ein Gev and Hippos from Sea of Galilee

Nazareth, covered street

Ein Gev from watch tower looking towards southwest

Ein Gev from watch tower looking towards Tiberias

Ein Gev group of settlers

Ein Gev lookout tower with mounted searchlight

Ein Gev lookout tower with sea beyond

Ein Gev pier

Hippos summit with sea and Tiberias

Hippos with ancient remains

Hippos, Susita, from southwest

Hippos, Susita, from west

Jordan River entering Sea of Galilee

Khirbet el-Minya, Umayyad palace mosaics

Magdala and northwest corner of Sea of Galilee

Magdala from north


Mount Hermon and Sea of Galilee

Plain of Gennesaret and Arbel cliffs

Plain of Gennesaret from Tabgha

Sea of Galilee and Mt Hermon with boat

Sea of Galilee and Plain of Gennesaret

Sea of Galilee from east with Semach and Tiberias

Sea of Galilee from Ginosar

Sea of Galilee near Magdala, with camel caravan

Sea of Galilee southern end from east

Sea of Galilee, inflow of Jordan River, aerial view

Sea of Galilee, south end

Sea of Galilee, telephoto from Gadara

Semakh railway station

Semakh, timber trestle bridge

Sunrise over Sea of Galilee from Magdala

Sea of Galilee, Capernaum

Capernaum from lake shore

Capernaum from north

Capernaum from Sea of Galilee

Capernaum ruins

Capernaum, Bedouin tent

Capernaum, blocks with incisions for roof beams

Capernaum, capitals and entablature of synagoge

Capernaum, Corinthian capitals among ruins

Capernaum, Corinthian capitals with menorah

Capernaum, decorated frieze and cornice

Capernaum, details of allegorical animals, eagles

Capernaum, details of frieze with six pointed star

Capernaum, eastern stairway, close up

Capernaum, frieze and cornice showing pomegranates

Capernaum, frieze showing five pointed star, grapes

En Gev early settlement, with lookout tower

Capernaum, general view of ruins from north

Capernaum, landing place

Capernaum, melee of fragments

Capernaum, relief of structure on wheels

Capernaum, remains of western wall of synagogue

Capernaum, representation of pot of manna

Capernaum, restored synagogue

Capernaum, ruins of synagogue

Capernaum, various designs on frieze and cornice

Capernaum, western stairway

Sea of Galilee at Capernaum

Sea of Galilee, Tabgha

Cave of prehistoric Galilee Skull

Tabgha from Sea of Galilee

Tabgha shoreline

Tabgha shoreline, Oct 1945

Tabgha with aqueduct

Tabgha, bathing beach

Tabgha, chapel over loaves and fishes mosaic

Tabgha, German hospice from sea

Tabgha, German hospice gardens from west


Tabgha, mosaic floor of ancient church

Tabgha, mosaic floor, Greek inscription

Tabgha, mosaic floor, loaves and fishes

Tabgha, site of first century church

Tabgha, traditional site of feeding five thousand

Sea of Galilee, Tiberias

Galilee Lido, bathers on landing stage and Mt Hermon

Galilee Lido

Hammat Tiberias, thermal baths

Lido, flying boat Clio on lake with Mount Hermon

Lido, flying boat Clio, taking off

Mount Hermon from Tiberias

Mount Hermon from Tiberias, with Muslim mosque

Sea of Galilee, locals on lake shore

Tiberias and lake from foot of Herod's Hill

Tiberias and Mount Hermon

Tiberias and Mount Hermon

Tiberias and Sea of Galilee

Tiberias from 1000 meter altitude

Tiberias from citadel

Tiberias from lake

Ruins of Capernaum synagogue

Tiberias Hotel, exterior

Tiberias Lido, market

Tiberias view from Tiberias Hotel

Tiberias, awaiting 1st sea plane on Sea of Galilee

Tiberias, distant view

Tiberias, English hospital

Tiberias, general view from west

Tiberias, general view

Tiberias, general view

Tiberias, lakefront

Tiberias, lakeside and old tower

Tiberias, marketplace

Tiberias, mosque and minaret

Tiberias, mosque

Tiberias, near view

Tiberias, old mosque

Tiberias, Scots Mission Hospital, compound from sea

Tiberias, Scots Mission Hospital, sea shore

Tiberias, Scots Mission Hospital, staff at entrance

Tiberias, site of ancient city

Sharon Plain

Aphek, Antipatris, aerial view from east

Aphek, Antipatris, aerial view with springs

Aphek, old caravansary

Aphek, source of Yarkon River with flock of sheep

Atlit harbor

Atlit, Crusader castle lower hall

Atlit, Crusader castle ruins

Atlit, eastern wall of Crusader castle

Atlit, excavations

Atlit, rock hewn moat

Herzliya orchards, view looking toward sea

Herzliya, Jewish coastal colony

Netanya, distant view from the south

Sharon Plain

Sharon Plain, pastoral scene on northern Sharon

Sharon Plain, pastoral scene

Shechem area

Jacob's Well after iron mounting and chapel installed

Jacob's Well ruins

Jacob's Well, interior

Jacob's Well

Joseph's Tomb

Looking north from Mount Gerizim

Tiberias and the Sea of Galilee

Mount Ebal from Jacob's Well

Mount Gerizim from Jacob's Well

Mount Gerizim, place of sacrifice

Mount Gerizim, ruins of temple

Nablus between Ebal and Gerizim

Nablus, earthquake damage

Nablus, new mosque, from inside old town

Nablus, new mosque, interior from east entrance

Nablus, with base of Mount Ebal

Samaritan chapel on Mount Gerizim

Samaritan synagogue in Nablus

Sychar and Mount Gerizim

Sychar, threshing floor

Tel Aviv

Ramat Gan, n of Tel Aviv, Zionist colony

Rishon le Zion, avenue of date palms

Rishon le Zion, baskets filled with grapes for wine

Rishon le Zion, Jewish settlement

Rishon le Zion, transporting almonds

Rishon le Zion, wine factory

Tel Aviv, aerial view from sea

Tel Aviv, aerial view

Tel Aviv, Allenby Square

Tel Aviv, Allenby Street, view from high building

Tel Aviv, Barclay Bank

Tel Aviv, beach with bathers

Tel Aviv, beach, view towards Jaffa

Tel Aviv, Benjamin Avenue

Tel Aviv, busy street

Tel Aviv, children doing drills

Tel Aviv, circle

Tel Aviv, cold storage plant, exterior

Tel Aviv, Dizengoff Circle from north

Tel Aviv, Dizengoff Street looking north

Tel Aviv, Dizengoff Street looking south

Tel Aviv, Exchange Automatic Telephone

Tel Aviv, general view

Tel Aviv, gymnasium

Tel Aviv, Herzl Avenue

Tel Aviv, junction of Rehovot road and Jaffa road

Tel Aviv, Lord Reading in power house with group

Tel Aviv, lounge

Tel Aviv, military hostel, dining hall

Tel Aviv, military hostel

Tel Aviv, Moghrabi theater at night

Tel Aviv, Moghrabi theatre, movie picture house

Tel Aviv, Municipality of Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, Reading Power House motors

Tel Aviv, Reading Power House

Tel Aviv, Rothschild Street

Tel Aviv, Sephardic synagogue

Tel Aviv, St Andrew's house

Tel Aviv, street scene

Sychar and Mount Gerizim