Picturesque Palestine III: Phoenicia, Philistia, and the South

Of many works published by explorers of Palestine in the 19th century, none is as highly regarded as the lavishly illustrated and expertly written Picturesque Palestine, Sinai and Egypt. Edited by Charles Wilson and published in four volumes in 1881, this work captures the essence of the biblical lands in word and drawing, showing both ancient sites and native customs.

The descriptions of the regions were written by experts with an eye to presenting the land to those who would never have the opportunity to visit. This first-ever electronic edition includes the entirety of the original Volume 3, including 12 steel engravings, 140 wood engravings and 238 pages of text. Volume 3 includes these sections:

Phœnicia and Lebanon

by Samuel Jessup


The Phœnician Plain

by Henry B. Tristram


Acre, the Key of Palestine

by Mary Eliza Rogers


Mount Carmel and the River Kishon

by Mary Eliza Rogers


Maritime Cities and Plains of Palestine

by Mary Eliza Rogers


Lydda and Ramleh

by Charles Warren



by Charles Warren


The South Country of Judæa

by Henry B. Tristram


The Southern Borderland and Dead Sea

by Edward Palmer


Mount Hor and the Cliffs of Edom

by Mary Eliza Rogers


The Convent of St. Catherine

by Mary Eliza Rogers

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Table of Contents

PHŒNICIA AND LEBANON. By the Rev. Dr. SAMUEL JESSUP.  Husn Suleiman.—Baal Worship.—Tripoli.—Kâdisha, the Sacred River.—Government of the Lebanon.—Edhen.-The Maronites.—Cedars of Lebanon.—Sources of the Adonis.—Temple of Venus.—Natural Bridge.—The Dog River.—Assyrian and Egyptian Tablets.—Beirût: its Schools, Ancient and Modern.—Druses.—Sidon.—Ancient Commerce.—The Modern Town and Gardens of Saida.—The Necropolis.—Phœnician Inscriptions.—Tomb of King Ashmanazar.—The Moabite Stone and Siloam Tablet.

THE PHŒNICIAN PLAIN. By the Rev. CANON TRISTRAM, LL.D., F.R.S.  Sarepta.—The River Leontes.—Tyre: the Modern Town, Es Sûr.—Ruins of the Cathedral.—The Phœnicians.—Tomb of Hiram.—The Ladder of Tyre.—Wâdy Ashûr.—Kŭl'at el Kŭrn, the Mountfort of the Crusaders.—Ancient Sites in the Plain of Acre.—The River Belus.

ACRE, THE KEY OF PALESTINE. By Miss M. E. ROGERS.  Approach to 'Akka from the Sea.—The City Walls.—Egyptian Rule in Syria.—Bombardment of 'Akka.—Markets and Bazaars, Private Houses and Public Buildings.—Early History of 'Akka.—Accho.—Ptolemaïs.—Coins of the Ptolemies.—The Stronghold of the Crusaders.— Crusading Coinage.—Destruction of the City in 1291.

MOUNT CARMEL AND THE RIVER KISHON. By Miss M. E. ROGERS.  Bay of 'Akka.—Vegetation of the Plain of 'Akka.—Gardens of Haifa.—The Modern Town of Haifa.—Haifa el 'Atikeh.—German Colony of Temple Christians.—Sycaminum.—Mount Carmel.—The Convent.—The Pilgrim's Spring.—Arab Fables.—Druse Villages.—El Mahrakah, the Place of Elijah's Sacrifice.—The River Kishon.


MARITIME CITIES AND PLAINS OF PALESTINE. By Miss M. E. ROGERS.  Ancient Coast Road.—Athlît.—Rock-cut Defile.—Fountain of Dustrey.—A Night at Kefr Lamm.— Tedious Voyage to Tantûrah, "sailing slowly."—Abu Habîb, the Custom-house Officer.—The Plain of Dôr.—Solomon's Purveyors.—Crocodile River.—Arab Fable.—Plain of Sharon .— Cæsarea.—Port of Abû Zabûra.—Melon Harvest.—Arsûf.—Antipatris.—Joppa.—Road from Jaffa to Ramleh.

LYDDA AND RAMLEH. By COLONEL SIR CHARLES WARREN, K.C.M.G., R.E.  View from the Tower of Ramleh.—The Plain of Sharon.—Church of St. George at Lydda, the ancient Ludd.—'Amwas and Latrôn.

PHILISTIA. By COLONEL SIR CHARLES WARREN, R.E.  The Philistines.—Encroachment of Sand on the Corn Plains of Philistia.—Zorah, the Birthplace of Samson.—Ekron.—The Valley of Sorek.—'Ain Shems, the Site of Bethshemesh.—Wâdy es Sunt, the Valley of Elah.—The Scene of David's Encounter with Goliath.—Tell es Sâfy.— Gath.—Yabneh, the ancient Jabneh.—Mejdel, the ancient Migdol.—Ruins of Ascalon.

THE SOUTH COUNTRY OF JUDÆA. By the Rev. CANTON TRISTRAM, LL.D., F.R.S.  Approach to Palestine from the South.—Rock-cut Wells.—From Abû Jerar to Gaza.—Ajlân, the ancient Eglon.—Libnah.—Khŭrbet Gat.—Beit Jibrîn.—Artificial Caverns.—Ruins of the Church of St. Anna.—Adullam.—Road to Hebron.—Râmet el Khŭlîl.—Tekoa.—Engedi.

THE SOUTHERN BORDERLAND AND DEAD SEA. By Professor PALMER, M.A.  Abraham's Oak.—Tree Worship.—Hebron.—Cave of Machpelah.—Ancient Pools.—Tell Zîf.— Land of Moab.—Kerek.—"Cities of the Plain."—Jebel Usdum, a Mountain of Crystalline Rock Salt.—The Dead Sea.—Wilderness of Engedi.—Beersheba.—Kadesh Barnea.—Idumea.— Petra.—Rock-cut Tombs and Temples.—Pharaoh's Treasury.

MOUNT HOR AND THE CLIFFS OF EDOM. By Miss M. E. ROGERS.  Through the Ravine to Petra.—Ascent to Ed Deir.—Josephus.—Mount Hor.—To the Shrine of Neby Harûn on its Summit.—Sacrifice of a Goat on Aaron's Terrace.—Wâdy 'Arabah: its Shrubs and Flowers.—Animal Life in the Desert.—Site of Ezion Geber.—The Peutinger Tables.—Elath.—Castle of 'Akabah.—Pharaoh's Island.

THE CONVENT OF ST. CATHERINE. By Miss M. E. ROGERS.  The Shores of the Gulf of 'Akabah.—View of the Land of Midian.—Change of Escort.—Enter the Mountains through the Nŭkb el Abweib.—'Ain el Hudhera.—Hazeroth.—Tomb of the Prophet Sâleh.—Festivals in his honour.—Arrival at the Convent.—Church of the Transfiguration.— The Library.—The "Codex Sinaiticus."—Ascent of Jebel Mûsa.—St. Stephen's Gate.—The Convent Servitors.




List of Illustrations in the Volume

Phoenicia, Lebanon and Acre

000 Convent of St Catherine, Mt Sinai, title page.jpg

000 Gorge of the Kadisha Lebanon, frontispiece.jpg

001 Hasrun, a Maronite Village.jpg

005 The Valley of the Kadisha.jpg

008 Convent of the Mulawiyeh, or Dancing Dervishes.jpg

009 The castle of Tripoli, A Stronghold of the Crusaders.jpg

011 The castle of Museilihah.jpg

012 Northern Lebanon.jpg

013 The Natural Bridge of Akura.jpg

015 Cliffs of Akura, in Mogheriye Valley, Lebanon.jpg

016 The fountain of Afkaa.jpg

017 The Valley of the Adonis.jpg

019 Lebanon coast near mount of Adonis River.jpg

020 The Natural Bridge, Lebanon.jpg

021 Under the Natural Bridge, Lebanon.jpg

023 Chasm of Neb'a El Lebban.jpg

024 Roman bridge near Juneh.jpg

025 Limestone rocks, Ajeltun, Lebanon.jpg

028 Beirut, from Jaita.jpg

029 A Lebanon cafe.jpg

032 The slopes of Lebanon.jpg

033 Cliffs and sculptured tablets.jpg

035b Bay of Beirut.jpg

036 The Nahr El Kelb.jpg

037 Modern aqueduct on the Nahr El Kelb.jpg

039 Bath and cafe, Beirut.jpg

040 Pigeon Rocks, Beirut.jpg

041 Beirut castle.jpg

043b Sidon.jpg

044 Khan Neby Yunas, Khan of prophet Jonah.jpg

045 The castle and harbour of Saida, ancient Sidon.jpg

047 The Citadel of Saida, ancient Sidon.jpg

048 A peasant woman churning.jpg

049 Site of Sarepta.jpg

051 The Bay of Sidon from Sarepta.jpg

052 Bridge over the Nahr El Kaimiyeh.jpg

053 The Valley of the Leontes, near the coast.jpg

053b Tyre.jpg

055 The gate of Tyre, Sur.jpg

056 Ruins of the cathedral church at Tyre.jpg

057 Kabr Hiram.jpg

059 The remains of Tyre.jpg

060 Reservoirs of Ras El 'Ain and Roman aqueduct.jpg

061 Aqueduct, Ras El 'Ain.jpg

064 Ras El Abyad, the Ladder of Tyre.jpg

065 Ras El Abyad.jpg

068 Looking towards Tyre from Nakurah.jpg

069 Ras En Nakurah.jpg

072a The city of Acre from northeast.jpg

072b The city of Acre from south.jpg

073 Gate of 'Akka.jpg

075 Ruins of an aqueduct east of 'Akka.jpg

076 'Akka from northeast.jpg

077 Ablutions after a mid day meal.jpg

080 The Plain of 'Akka from the slopes of Carmel.jpg

081 A well in a garden of Haifa.jpg

083 The Bay of 'Akka from the slopes of Carmel.jpg

084 The Convent of Mount Carmel.jpg

085 The Grotto known as the School of the Prophets.jpg

088 The northern point of Mount Carmel.jpg

089 El Mahrakah, the place of Elijah's Sacrifice.jpg

Mt. Carmel, Plains, and Philistia

092 Well at place of Elijah's Sacrifice and height above it.jpg

093 The River Kishon from El Mahrakah.jpg

094b Mount Carmel.jpg

096 The Plains of Esdraelon from El Mahrakah.jpg

097 The River Kishon.jpg

100 Athlit, from the south.jpg

101 Ruins of the west side of Athlit.jpg

104 View of the Great Sea from Athlit.jpg

105 Remains of a Crusading fort at Tanturah.jpg

108 The Castle of Caesarea.jpg

109 Columns in the sea, Caesarea.jpg

111 Part of the north wall and moat of Caesarea.jpg

112 Tower of the castle at Caesarea.jpg

113 Remains of a fortified khan at Mukhalid.jpg

116 Neby Ben Yamin, Tomb of the Prophet Benjamin.jpg

117 Kefr Saba.jpg

120 The Castle of Mirabel.jpg

121 The Nahr El Aujeh from Kula'at Ras El 'Ain.jpg

124 Sacred tree called Sheikh Et Teim.jpg

125 The traditional tomb of Joshua.jpg

126b Caesarea.jpg

128 Landing at Jaffa.jpg

129 The Mosque at Jaffa.jpg

131 Shittim Tree at Jaffa.jpg

132 The traditional house of Simon the Tanner.jpg

133 View of the rock encircled harbour at Jaffa.jpg

136 A roadside fountain and tomb.jpg

137 Public fountain at Jaffa.jpg

138 Scene in a Jaffa Garden.jpg

140 Scene in the Bazzar at Jaffa.jpg

141 Sancutary of Imam 'Aly.jpg

142b Jaffa, the ancient Joppa.jpg

144 The Tower at Ramleh.jpg

145 Ruins of Church of St George at Ludd, Ancient Lydda.jpg

148 The Plain of Sharon from the Tower, Ramleh.jpg

149 Sur'ah, the Ancient Zorah.jpg

152 The Ruined Fortress of Latron, from Amwas.jpg

153 Shrine of Sheikh Samat at Sur'ah, Zorah.jpg

155a Ain Shems, site of Beth Shemesh.jpg

155b Valley of Sorek.jpg

156 Tibneh, the site of Timnath.jpg

157 Wady Es Sunt, the Valley of Elah.jpg

159 Shocoh, the camp of the Philistines.jpg

160 Ploughing in the Plains of Philistia.jpg

161 Tell Es Safy, the supposed site of Gath.jpg

162 Yabneh, the ancient Jabneh.jpg

165 Eshdud, ancient Ashdod.jpg

South Judea, Dead Sea, and Edom

167 El Mejdel, ancient Migdol.jpg

169 Ruins of Ascalon, from the northeast.jpg

170b Gaza.jpg

172 Ruins of Ascalon, from the southwest.jpg

173 Ruins of Ascalon, from the north.jpg

175 Ghuzzeh, the ancient Gaza.jpg

176 A well in the Plain of Philistia.jpg

177 The castle of Beit Jibrin, by starlight.jpg

179 Subterranean labyrinth of Tell Sandannah.jpg

180 The Valley of Beit Jibrin.jpg

181 The Church of St Anne, Beit Jibrin.jpg

182b Hebron.jpg

184 The Valley of Berachah.jpg

185 The wilderness of Judaea.jpg

188 Teku'a, the site of Tekoa.jpg

189 Ramet El Khulil, the site of Mamre.jpg

192 Wady Et Tuffah, commonly called the Valley of Eshcol.jpg

193 Abraham's Oak, Hebron.jpg

196 The Pools of Hebron.jpg

197 Ruined Wely, Hebron.jpg

200 The Dead Sea, looking northeast from Engedi.jpg

201 The Mountains of Moab from Engedi.jpg

203 Engedi, the Fountain of the Kid, 'Ain Jidy.jpg

204 The southern end of the Dead Sea from Engedi.jpg

205 The Cliffs of Engedi.jpg

208 The Wilderness of Engedi.jpg

209 Bir Es Seba', the site of Beersheba.jpg

210 'Ain El Weibeh, on the border of Edom.jpg

212 Rock cut tomb of temple, Petra.jpg

213 Detached tombs, Petra.jpg

216 The rock hewn amphitheatre, Petra.jpg

216b Entrance to the Valley of Petra.jpg

218 Rock cut tombs, Petra.jpg

219 Cliffs of the Sik, Petra.jpg

221 The Deir, Petra.jpg

224 Jezirat Far'on, the Isle of Pharaoh.jpg

225 Letter of Admission to the convent of St Catherine.jpg

228 A peep into one of the courts of the convent.jpg

232 View from northeastern galleries.jpg

233 Interior of convent of St Catherine.jpg

235 Crescent and the cross.jpg

236b Gate of St Stephen the porter.jpg

237 Well at convent of St Catherine.jpg

238 Eastern tower of convent of St Catherine.jpg

"The drawings are incredible. Their vividness gives the reader the feeling that he is really there. I also liked the artist's meticulous attention to every intricate detail of the landscape; it brought me into the picture and made me appreciate the land more. Looking at the drawings was almost like being there all over again. I liked the different programs through which I was able to view the work (especially the PowerPoint feature)--it was very conducive to teaching."

—Caroline Oliver