The American Colony and Eric Matson Collection:

Egypt and Sinai

Founded in 1881 by Horatio Spafford (author of the famous hymn, It is Well With My Soul), the American Colony in Jerusalem operated a thriving photographic enterprise for almost four decades. Their images document the land and its people, with a special emphasis on biblical and archaeological sites, inspirational scenes, and historic events. One of the photographers, G. Eric Matson, inherited the archive, adding to it his own later work through the “Matson Photo Service.” He eventually donated all the negatives to the U.S. Library of Congress, which has made them available to the public.

This volume includes more than 450 selected photographs of sites and scenes in Egypt and the Sinai Peninsula, including the Giza Pyramids, Cairo, the Luxor temples, Aswan, Jebel Musa, and St. Catherine’s Monastery. All of the images are included in pre-made PowerPoint® files for quick and easy use, as well as in high-resolution jpg format, suitable for projecting or printing.

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About the Producer: Dr. Todd Bolen is a Professor of Biblical Studies at The Master’s University. He lived and taught for many years at their campus near Jerusalem. He is the producer of more than 45 volumes of photographs illustrating the biblical world, including the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands and the Photo Companion to the Bible.

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List of Photographs in the Volume



Cairo, Modern City.ppt

Cairo, Museum.ppt

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Memphis and Saqqara.ppt

Nile River and Delta.ppt

People and Culture.ppt

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Sinai, St Catherine's Monastery.ppt


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Aswan Dam, general view looking southwest

Aswan Dam, looking southwest from dam

Aswan Dam, sluices, looking southwest

Aswan granite mass along river, aerial view

Aswan, general view from Elephantine Island

Aswan, looking across Nile at Elephantine Island

Aswan, northern quarries

Aswan, view of Nile

Elephantine Island

Elephantine Island, Nilometer

First cataract near Aswan, aerial view

Philae Island, general view

Philae, first pylon of Temple of Isis

Philae, kiosk, looking east

Philae, kiosk, looking north

Philae, kiosk, looking southwest from boat

Philae, Temple of Isis with obelisk and colonnade

Philae, Temple of Isis, birth house

Philae, Temple of Isis, details of capitals

Philae, Temple of Isis, entrance of first pylon

Philae, Temple of Isis, first pylon from second

Philae, Temple of Isis, looking northwest

Philae, Temple of Isis, reliefs on first pylon

Philae, Temple of Isis, right wing of first pylon

Philae, west colonnade of Temple of Isis

Cairo, Modern City

Cairo, American University, ceiling

Cairo, American University, interior

Cairo, American University

Cairo, Continental Savoy Hotel, Ezbekeye gardens

Philae, Temple of Isis

Cairo, Continental Savoy Hotel, garden entrance

Cairo, Continental Savoy Hotel, garden group

Cairo, Continental Savoy Hotel, lounge

Cairo, Grand Continental Hotel

Cairo, Mena House, bathroom

Cairo, Mena House, bedroom with pyramid in doorway

Cairo, Mena House, swimming pool

Cairo, Semiramis Hotel, dining room

Cairo, Semiramis Hotel, main lounge

Cairo, Shepheard's Hotel, exterior

Cairo, Shepheard's Hotel, main dining hall

Cairo, Museum

Cairo Museum, exterior

Cairo Museum, fine wooden cover

Cairo Museum, headrests, vase and ivory boat

Cairo Museum, interior of main hall, looking down

Cairo Museum, mummy coffins

Cairo Museum, Mummy of Ramses II

Cairo Museum, Pharaoh's mummy

Cairo Museum, south end of main hall

Cairo Museum, Statue of Tutankhamun, royal headdress

Cairo Museum, statues of King Usertesen, VII dyn

Cairo Museum, Tutankhamun's third innermost coffin

Cairo Museum, upper floor

Cairo, Muslim Buildings

Cairo, Minaret of el Hussein

Cairo, Mosque of el Azhar, looking e

Cairo, Mosque of el Azhar, southern entrance

Cairo, Mosque of Emir Akhor

Cairo, Mosque of Ibn Tulun court

Cairo, Mosque of Ibn Tulun, view from Citadel

Cairo, Mosque of Kait Bey

Cairo, Mosque of Mahmoudieh

Cairo, Mosque of Mohammed Ali Pasha and Citadel wall

Cairo, Mosque of Mohammed Ali Pasha, ablution fount

Cairo, Mosque of Mohammed Ali Pasha, interior

Cairo, Mosque of Mohammed Ali Pasha

Cairo, street scene, showing mosque of Kait Bey

Cairo, Tomb mosque of Sultan el Ashraf

Cairo, Tombs of Caliphs

Cairo, Tombs of Mamluks

Cairo, view from Mosque of Ibn Tulun

Cairo, Scenes

Cairo, aerial view, along river, s of Kasr el Nil

Cairo, aerial view, citadel in foreground

Cairo, aerial view, Rhoda Island

Cairo, bridge over Nile, open

Cairo, camels used for carrying bridal party

Cairo, donkey boys with donkeys

Cairo Museum, main hall

Cairo, donkey market

Cairo, Egyptian soldiers in citadel

Cairo, entrance gateway of citadel from interior

Cairo, entrance to Citadel with arch ornamentation

Cairo, Kasr En Nil, bridge over Nile

Cairo, Kasr en Nil, towers on eastern end of bridge

Cairo, Muski Street

Cairo, Nile scene in Old Cairo, along eastern bank

Cairo, Opera Square, statue of Ibrahim Pasha

Cairo, railway station

Cairo, scene in old Cairo

Cairo, scene in Old Cairo, typical sail boats

Cairo, street

Cairo, vessels rushing for open bridge

Cairo, view from Citadel

Cairo, view from Citadel, with pyramids

City of Dead, near Cairo

Nile River, boats passing through open bridge

Nile, Kasr en Nil, looking along bridge

Giza Pyramids

Giza, avenue leading to pyramids

Giza, caravan of Bedouins at pyramids

Giza, corn fields and palm grove

Giza, entrance to Great Pyramid

Giza, Fourth Pyramid, anchorage for slanting corner

Giza, full face view of Sphinx

Giza, granite temple of Sphinx

Giza, granite temple

Giza, Great Pyramid ascent

Giza, Great Pyramid of Cheops from road

Giza, Great Pyramid of Cheops

Giza, Great Pyramid with reflection

Giza, Great Pyramid, Sphinx, man on camel

Giza, Mena House, front garden with two pyramids

Giza, Nile overflow near pyramids

Cairo, view from Citadel

Giza, Nile River and pyramids

Giza, Nile Valley from Great Pyramid

Giza, north side of Great Pyramid

Giza, photographer near top of Great Pyramid

Giza, profile view of Sphinx

Giza, pyramids through palm trees

Giza, pyramids with camels

Giza, pyramids, aerial view

Giza, second pyramid from summit of Great Pyramid

Giza, Sphinx and pyramids

Giza, Sphinx with two pyramids

Giza, Sphinx

Giza, Sphinx, profile and pyramid

Giza, summit of Great Pyramid

Giza, three pyramids through palm grove

Giza, three pyramids with shaduf

Giza, tourists ascending Great Pyramid

Giza, two pyramids

Giza, view of pyramids from village

Giza, village near pyramids


Karnak, avenue of ram-headed sphinxes

Karnak, avenue of sphinxes in front of 1st pylon

Karnak, central aisle of great hypostyle hall

Karnak, general view of ruins

Karnak, great court

Karnak, Great Feast Temple of Thutmose III

Karnak, great hypostyle hall with part of obelisk

Karnak, great hypostyle hall

Karnak, Great Temple of Amon

Karnak, obelisk of Thutmose III

Giza Pyramids

Karnak, portal of Euergetes I

Karnak, sacred lake

Karnak, seventh and eighth pylons

Karnak, Shishak's city list

Karnak, statues of kings behind eighth pylon

Karnak, statues of Thutmose III at seventh pylon

Karnak, taking out water from excavations

Karnak, Temple of Khons

Luxor Temple, colonnade

Luxor Temple, entrance

Luxor Temple, general view

Luxor Temple, hypostyle hall

Luxor Temple, obelisk at entrance

Luxor Temple, statue of Ramses II

Luxor, general view

Luxor, Nile from Winter Palace Hotel

Luxor, steamers in front of Winter Palace Hotel

Luxor, street scene

Luxor, Winter Palace Hotel, front view from nw

Luxor, Winter Palace Hotel, front view from sw

Luxor, Winter Palace with river boat

Thebes, Colossi of Memnon

Thebes, desert

Thebes, entrance to royal tomb

Thebes, Medinet Habu, great hypostyle hall

Thebes, Medinet Habu, pavilion of Ramses III

Thebes, Medinet Habu, statues of Ramses III

Thebes, Medinet Habu, Temple of Nectanebo I

Thebes, Mortuary Temple of Seti I

Thebes, mummy of Amenhotep II in royal tomb

Thebes, Ramesseum, colossus of Ramses II

Thebes, Ramesseum, general view

Thebes, Ramesseum, statues of Ramses II

Thebes, Temple of Hatshepsut

Thebes, Valley of Kings

Thebes, Valley of Kings, tomb of Tut

Memphis and Saqqara

Memphis, camels passing through palm grove

Memphis, cattle at watering place

Memphis, colossal statue of Ramses II

Memphis, forest of palms

Memphis, modern village

Memphis, site of ancient city

Memphis, Sphinx of Memphis

Saqqara, distant view of Step Pyramid

Saqqara, near view of Step Pyramid

Nile River and Delta

Alexandria, harbor

Alexandria, Pompey's Pillar

Karnak Temple, hypostyle hall

Dahabeah, boat for traveling on Nile

Donkey boys on banks of Nile, near Luxor

Heliopolis, Armenian church, exterior

Heliopolis, Armenian church, interior

Heliopolis, obelisk

Heliopolis, Virgin's Tree

Nile River Valley, aerial view, desert beside farms

Nile River with boat near Winter Palace Hotel

Nile River, aerial view, near Luxor

Nile River, First Cataract, looking north

Nile River, fleet of boats

Nile River, scene of activities near Luxor

Nile River, south of Cairo with palms

Nile River, south of Cairo, native crafts

Nile River, typical river scene, native craft

Nile scene with typical boats in full sail

People and Culture

Bedouin camp in Sinai Peninsula

Bedouin home in Wadi er Raha

Bedouin woman and child in Sinai Peninsula

Bisharin boy in Egypt

Bisharin girl in Egypt

Bisharin men in Egypt

Bisharin women in Egypt

Dates spread out to dry, Sinai Peninsula

Donkey cart with passengers

Egyptian buffaloes

Enclosure where dates are dried, Sinai Peninsula

Flocks in fields near Memphis

Gathering opium from seed pods of poppies

Herd of camels in desert near Giza pyramids

Lemonade seller in Cairo

Muslim woman in Cairo

Fleet of boats on Nile River

Native hut made of palm branches, Sinai Peninsula

Native musician in Egypt

Peasants of Upper Egypt

Peasants with children in palm grove

Peasants with children in palm grove, pyramids

People scrambling for baksheesh

Shoe black in Cairo

Snake charmer in Cairo

Store of famous pottery jars

Typical village in Egypt

Veiled women and child in Cairo

Women carrying fuel

Women carrying jars on heads

Women carrying water from Nile


Ayun Musa, Springs of Moses, caravan

Ayun Musa, Springs of Moses

Ayun Musa, Springs of Moses, near view of one spring

Camel man with small fire

El Buweib, natural gateway

El Kaa desert, caravan in heart of desert

El Kuntilla, police station frontier post

El Kuntilla, rest house, racing camels

El Wad, caravan preparing to cross desert

First view of central Sinai Mountains

Gulf of Aqaba, head of gulf with Hejaz mountains

Jebel Serbal from el Kaa

Jebel Serbal, distant view from el Ka'a

Jebel Serbal, distant view from el Wad

Jebel Serbal, El Medawa summit

Jebel Serbal, grand view from mountain

Jebel Serbal, magnificent view from mountain

Jebel Serbal

Jebel Serbal, one of mountain's five peaks

Jebel Tahuneh, Hill of Moses

Jebel Tahuneh

Nakb El Hawa scene

Nawamis with Jebel Serbal in distance


Pool of water in Sinai

Sinai Mountains, first view from Nakb el Hawa

Sinai mountains, oasis

Sinai Mountains, panorama from Nakb el Hawa

Sinai Peninsula, dreary desert scene

Sinai, cars driving through oasis

Spring of el Wataieh

Tor from bay

Tor, quarantine station

Volcanic formations near Wady Tl'aa

Wadi Dhese scene

Women carrying fuel

Wadi Es Slaf, Diorite dyke

Wadi Esh Sheikh and Wadi Slaf junction

Wadi Esh Sheikh, Diorite dyke

Wadi Esh Sheikh

Wadi Feiran and Jebel Serbal

Wadi Feiran and Wadi Aleyat junction

Wadi Feiran oasis, and Jebel Serbal

Wadi Feiran oasis, distant view of Jebel Serbal

Wadi Feiran scene

Wadi Feiran, abundance of water

Wadi Feiran, gravel terraces

Wadi Feiran, luxurious palm grove

Wadi Feiran, remains of early Christian structures

Wadi Gharandel rivulet

Wadi Gharandel, palms of Elim

Wadi Hebran oasis

Wadi Hebran scene

Wadi Hebran, ascending wadi

Wadi Hebran, caravan ascending wadi

Wadi Hebran

Wadi Hebran, narrow defile at watershed

Wadi Hebran, Oasis of Ardesiat

Wadi Hebran, picturesque palm grove

Wadi Hebran, small oasis

Wadi Isleh, Grand Canyon

Wadi Lejah, Hajjar Mousa, stone of Moses

Wadi Lejah

Wadi Lejah, Nabatean inscriptions

Wadi Maghara

Wadi Maghara, turquoise mines

Wadi Mukattab, Greek inscriptions

Wadi Mukattab

Wadi Mukattab, Nabatean inscriptions

Wadi Taiybeh, bitter spring

Wadi Taiybeh

Wadi Taiybeh

Wady Tl'aa

Weli of Sheikh Abu Talib

Wilderness of Shur

Wilderness of Sin

Sinai, Jebel Musa

Hill of Aaron from Jethro's Path

Hill of Aaron, Golden Calf

Jebel Katarina from Jebel Musa

Jebel Musa from Ras Safsafa

Jebel Musa summit

Jebel Musa, burning bush, silleh bush

Caravan in El Kaa desert

Jebel Musa, Chapel of Elijah

Jebel Musa, Chapel of St Mary

Jebel Musa, hill of elders

Jebel Musa, looking east, view of Jebel El Meallawi

Jebel Musa, looking north from mountain

Jebel Musa, near view of silleh bush

Jebel Musa, old Bedouin standing by silleh bush

Jebel Musa, pilgrim steps and first gate

Jebel Musa, pilgrim steps and second gate

Jebel Musa, pilgrim steps leading up mountain

Jebel Musa, silleh bush beneath mountain

Jebel Musa, southern precipice

Jebel Musa, sunrise from summit

Jebel Musa, sunset from summit

Jebel Musa, view of mountains from gate

Ras Safsafa from Jebel Musa

Ras Safsafa precipice

Ras Safsafa willow

Ras Safsafa, ascent by Jethro's Path

Ras Safsafa, general view

Ras Safsafa, shepherd and flock in Wadi er Raha

Ras Safsafa, view from Wadi er Raha

Sinai mountains

Sinai mountains, panorama from Wadi er Raha, left

Sinai mountains, panorama from Wadi er Raha, right

Sinai mountains, view from Jebel Musa

Wadi ed Deir and Jebel Munajah

Wadi er Raha, Plain of Law, from Ras Safsafa

Sinai, St Catherine's Monastery

St Catherine's Monastery from ascent

St Catherine's Monastery from distance

St Catherine's Monastery from distance

St Catherine's Monastery from east

St Catherine's Monastery from Jebel Munajah

St Catherine's Monastery from southeast

St Catherine's Monastery, almond tree in blossom

St Catherine's Monastery, ancient way of entering

St Catherine's Monastery, antique door of church

Ras Safsafa from Wadi er-Raha

St Catherine's Monastery, belfry and minaret

St Catherine's Monastery, buttress of exterior wall

St Catherine's Monastery, church and mosque

St Catherine's Monastery, church interior from apse

St Catherine's Monastery, church interior

St Catherine's Monastery, Church of Transfiguration

St Catherine's Monastery, clergy robed in vestments

St Catherine's Monastery, climbing to cell chapel

St Catherine's Monastery, cover of manuscript

St Catherine's Monastery, crescent and cross

St Catherine's Monastery, cross and star on wall

St Catherine's Monastery, crosses

St Catherine's Monastery, details of door carving

St Catherine's Monastery, encircling wall crosses

St Catherine's Monastery, entrance gateway

St Catherine's Monastery, facsimile of Sinaiticus

St Catherine's Monastery, famous library, interior

St Catherine's Monastery, famous library

St Catherine's Monastery, firing antique gun

St Catherine's Monastery, garden from window

St Catherine's Monastery, garden with Wadi er Raha

St Catherine's Monastery, glimpse of church belfry

St Catherine's Monastery, glimpse of minaret

St Catherine's Monastery, Greek monks at entrance

St Catherine's Monastery, Greek Orthodox priests

St Catherine's Monastery, guns guarding entrance

St Catherine's Monastery, inlaid work of altar

St Catherine's Monastery, manuscript with silver covers

St Catherine's Monastery

St Catherine's Monastery, monk artist

St Catherine's Monastery, near view

St Catherine's Monastery, old monk

St Catherine's Monastery, orange grove

St Catherine's Monastery, ornamented stones in wall

St Catherine's Monastery, priest holding prized manuscript

St Catherine's Monastery, primitive elevator

St Catherine's Monastery, well

St Catherine's Monastery, young monk

St Catherine's Monastery, young monks

Suez area

Gulf of Suez, north end

St. Catherine's Monastery

Ismailia Lake

Ismailia, lake and canal from terrace of monument

Ismailia, Mar Monument south of lake, entrance

Ismailia, ship passing through canal, from monument

Port Said, arrival of Turkish transport

Port Said, harbor and entrance to Suez Canal

Port Said, natives coaling steamer

Port Said, quay and landing place

Port Tewfik, avenue along Suez Canal

Port Tewfik, statue of Waghorn

Suez Canal at Gulf of Suez

Suez Canal, dredger at work

Suez Canal, entrance with statue of de Lesseps

Suez, view from road to Port Tewfik

Upper Egypt Temples

Abydos, Temple of Ramses II

Abydos, Temple of Seti I, first hypostyle hall

Abydos, Temple of Seti I, general view

Abydos, Temple of Seti I, hypostyle halls

Dendera, Temple of Hathor, carving on exterior wall

Dendera, Temple of Hathor, details of capitals

Dendera, Temple of Hathor, general view

Dendera, Temple of Hathor, great vestibule

Dendera, Temple of Hathor, north gate

Edfu, Temple of Horus, colonnade with carvings

Edfu, Temple of Horus, colonnade with hawk

Edfu, Temple of Horus, entrance to vestibule

Edfu, Temple of Horus, entrance

Edfu, Temple of Horus, general view

Edfu, Temple of Horus, view from pylon

Kom Ombo, Temple of Sobek and Haroeris, hall

Kom Ombo, Temple of Sobek and Haroeris

Temple of Horus at Edfu