The American Colony and Eric Matson Collection:

People of Palestine

Founded in 1881 by Horatio Spafford (author of the famous hymn, It is Well With My Soul), the American Colony in Jerusalem operated a thriving photographic enterprise for almost four decades. Their images document the land and its people, with a special emphasis on biblical and archaeological sites, inspirational scenes, and historic events. One of the photographers, G. Eric Matson, inherited the archive, adding to it his own later work through the “Matson Photo Service.” He eventually donated all the negatives to the U.S. Library of Congress, which has made them available to the public.

This volume includes more than 250 selected photographs of people in Palestine in the early 1900s, including Arabs, Bedouins, Christians, Druze, Jews, Samaritans, and foreigners. All of the images are included in pre-made PowerPoint® files for quick and easy use, as well as in high-resolution jpg format, suitable for projecting or printing.

Free: Download the Bedouin Women PowerPoint file.

About the Producer: Dr. Todd Bolen is a Professor of Biblical Studies at The Master’s University. He lived and taught for many years at their campus near Jerusalem. He is the producer of more than 45 volumes of photographs illustrating the biblical world, including the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands and the Photo Companion to the Bible.

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List of Photographs in the Volume


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Arab Families and Groups.ppt

Arab Men.ppt

Arab Women.ppt

Bedouin Children and Couples.ppt

Bedouin Men.ppt

Bedouin Women.ppt




Jewish People.ppt


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American Colony and Matson Family

Albina brothers and Lewis Larsson developing at cinema

American Colony photo expedition in Sinai

American Colony, Albina and film dryer

Anna Spafford baby home in Jerusalem, babies

Anna Spafford baby home in Jerusalem, exterior

Anna Spafford baby home in Jerusalem, girls

Anna Spafford baby home in Jerusalem

Anna Spafford baby home in Jerusalem, playground

Anna Spafford baby home in Jerusalem, using loom

Auja River, Matson family

David Matson's birth certificate in Jerusalem

Edith Matson in garden, Jerusalem

Eric and Edith Matson wedding

Eric Matson and Olaf Matson by pool

Eric Matson behind desk

Eric Matson sitting on desk

Eric Matson, Dr Robinson, Goldberg, monks at St Catherine

Eric Matson

Giza, photographer near top of Great Pyramid

Goldberg, Matson, Whiting and Robinson dining

Lewis Larsson, Gamiel Albina developing film at AC

Matson family picnicking on Auja River, near Jaffa

Matson family, 1898

Olaf and Eric Matson

Olaf Matson

Spafford with Bedouins in tent

St Catherine's Monastery, ancient way of entering

Yantiss family with Edith Yantiss Matson

Arab Families and Groups

Arab crowd watching marching band

Arab Ladies' Union, girls school in Musrara Quarter

Arabs in tent after snowfall

Drawing water at the fountain

Family at home in Jericho

Family in Bethlehem

Family in Nazareth

Group of beggars

Group of St George's graduates, teachers, bishop

Jericho townspeople

King David Hotel, Arab Ladies' Union group

Large group of Public Health Dept and laboratories

Morning hygiene, checking for lice

Morning prayers at Scots Mission Hospital, Tiberias

American Colony photo expedition in Sinai

Morning service at Scots Mission Hospital, Tiberias

Muslim orphanage band in Old City

Muslim women and girls

Palestine Broadcasting Service musicians

Peasant family of Ramallah

Peasants and soldiers waiting for Nebi Musa procession

Sheikh of Ramallah and wife

Arab Men

Elderly man

Feeding camel palm leaves

Fellah from Kefar Malek

Jerusalem coffee house

Kavass, consular guard

Man of Nazareth

Man on donkey between Jerusalem and Jericho

Man sitting under tent in Transjordan

Muslim sheikh

Muslim sheikhs and effendis at Khalidiyah Library

Nosairiyeh inhabitant near Antioch

Old men in Beeroth

Oriental gallantry

Peasant watering his horse


Riding on camel

Seated man smoking narghile, water pipe

Sheikh of Abu Gosh and locals

Sheikh of Dome of Rock

Village sheikh telling his beads

Young man

Arab Women

Afternoon coffee

Arab girl

Arab woman holding child

Peasant family of Ramallah

Arab woman wearing embroidered coat

Bethlehem women

Girl of Ramallah wearing embroidered dress

Group of Bethlehemites

Jericho women

Married and unmarried women

Married woman from Bethlehem wearing hat and veil

Nazareth maiden in old brocade dress

Nazareth mother

Nazareth woman

Peasant girl of Betunia, carrying water jar on head

Peasant girl with ornaments

Peasant women from Ramallah district

Syrian woman nursing baby

Two young women of Ramallah wearing dowry headdress

Veiled Muslim women

Woman going to market with pots on head

Woman of Nazareth

Woman wearing dowry necklace, American Colony yard

Woman with child on road

Woman with jar near Bethlehem

Women of Samaria with baskets

Women seated on carpet in Bethlehem

Young girl standing in front of tree

Bedouin Children and Couples

Bedouin boy wearing cartridge belt

Bedouin boy with camel

Bedouin children

Bedouin couple in front of tent, Adwan tribe

Bedouin couple

Bedouin family at wedding

Bedouin family, ready to raise their tent

Bedouin girls at wedding

Bedouin girls

Bedouin sweethearts

Bedouins of Petra

Gypsy blacksmith

Gypsy encampment

Bedouin Men

Aref el Aref and Bedouin sheikhs

Aref el Aref and Bedouin sheikhs

Bedouin and camels

Bedouin hunter with falcon at wedding

heikh of Abu Gosh and locals

Bedouin man from village

Bedouin man of Beni Hassan tribe

Bedouin man of Sinai

Bedouin man on horse

Bedouin man playing one string instrument with bow

Bedouin man

Bedouin men

Bedouin musicians

Bedouin riding camel

Bedouin sheikh

Bedouin sheikhs

Bedouin smoking long pipe

Bedouin warrior on horse

Bedouin warriors

Bedouin youth on horse

Bedouins of Arakat tribe

Bedouins of Arakat tribe

Camel kiss, camel nibbling at his master's nose

Frey Abu Median, sheikh of Hanagreh tribe

Group at tent of Oudi Abu Tai, 1921

Hussein Abu Sitte, sheikh of Tarabin tribe

Old Bedouin man from Beersheba

Old Bedouin mounted on camel

Old Bedouin, Sheikh Abd El Ftih

Oudi Abu Tai, famous Bedouin sheikh

Young Bedouin man blowing bagpipe instrument

Young Bedouin men of Beersheba

Bedouin Women

Bedouin maiden

Bedouin mother and baby

Bedouin mother and child at wedding

Bedouin woman and child

Bedouin woman grinding flour

Bedouin woman holding sword for sword dance

Bedouin woman of southern Palestine

Bedouin woman waiting at Scots Mission Hospital, Tiberias

Bedouin woman

Bedouin women and children

Bedouin women at encampment

Bedouin women in front of tent in Moab, Adwan tribe

Bedouin women waiting at Scots Mission Hospital, Tiberias

Bedouin women

Beersheba women

Mother and child from Beersheba district

Old Bedouin woman, Adwan tribe


Abyssinian bishop

Abyssinian crown prince

Abyssinian monk

Abyssinian monks

Abyssinian nun

Bedouin family at wedding

Armenian priests

Clergy at Government House on Olivet

Coptic monks

Franciscan monks

Greek monks

Greek Orthodox monk in convent library

Greek patriarch

Maronite bishop

Monks of Monastery of St Catherine

Pilgrim receiving tattoo

Russian priestesses of Ain Karim

Syrian bishop's funeral, corpse seated in church


Druze man

Druze men in tent

Druze men

Druze refugees, revolted against French in Syria

Druze sheikh

Druze sheikhs

Druze women baking bread

Druze women


Asbury College Quartet in Bethlehem

Asbury College Quartet

Belgian Consul General, other consuls on St Sauver

British soldiers next to Western Wall in snow

Crown Prince of Sweden reviewing British Troops

Dinner party at YMCA hostel with McConnell

Dr William McLean and Mr Datsq at English Hospital

Bedouin woman

Ex-King Alfonso of Spain at King David Hotel

Garden group with Princess Ileona of Romania, 1930

Group at Churchill House with high commissioner

Group at St Andrew's Church

Harry Emerson Fosdick and Greek Orthodox monks

Harry Emerson Fosdick, American Colony, Jerusalem

Military chaplains with bishop

Mr Allisson's wedding, group in courtyard

Ordination group at church army

Polish immigrant at girl's farm in Borochov

Prince William of Sweden

Prince William of Sweden, near Dome of the Rock

Sergeants mess group at 16th General Hospital

Swedish group at American Colony

Tunneys at Bedouin camp with Sheik Majid

Tunneys dining at Bedouin camp with Sheik Majid

Jewish People

Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem, Jacob Meir

Elderly Jewish man

Elderly man, seated under tree

Group of Ashkenazi Jews

Group of Yemenite Jews

Jewish man, seated

Jewish men

Jewish money changer

Jewish people at Western Wall

Jews of Jerusalem

Man in street

Moorish Jew

British soldiers at Western Wall in snow

Poor family

Poor Jewish family in Aleppo

Queen Esther in Tel Aviv Purim carnival

Yemenite Jew

Yemenite rabbi blowing shofar

Yemenite rabbi with radio


Engaged Samaritan boy and girl

Old Samaritan

Samaritan child

Samaritan girls

Samaritan high priest and ancient scroll

Samaritan high priest

Samaritan men and their intended brides

Samaritan mothers and their children

Samaritan smoking narghile in Nablus

Samaritan woman in Nablus

Samaritan writing manuscript in Nablus

Samaritan youth, profile

Son of Samaritan high priest

Sick and Disabled

Blind man at Scots Mission Hospital, Tiberias

Group of handicapped beggars

Group of lepers

Man with Jericho buttons, 1917

Man with Jericho buttons

Man with smallpox

Samaritan high priest