Jerusalem, Bethany, and Bethlehem

by J. L. Porter

Josias Leslie Porter lived in Damascus since 1849 and wrote, what was then, the standard guide to the Holy Land, "Handbook for Tourists to Syria and Palestine," published by John Murray in 1858. Jerusalem, Bethany, and Bethlehem was one of his last works, published in 1887, shortly before his death in 1889. This new volume is an electronic edition of Jerusalem, Bethany, and Bethlehem. It includes the entirety of the book, including all of the illustrations in high-resolution jpg format and all of the text explanations.

Complete Book: The entire book is included in Adobe Acrobat format, as originally published. This is the essence (and most difficult to reproduce) of this project and is most recommended. The original publication is preserved exactly, with the original layout and pagination. Thus any references to this work in other sources can be found on the same page as in the original. In addition, the Acrobat file provides the user with the ability to search, copy text into other files, and print in high-resolution. The first 7 pages of the Jerusalem section are available here in either high resolution (as on volume; 2 MB) or low resolution (230 kb - faster download; not as high print quality).

PowerPoint Files: For ease of use, all of the illustrations are included in PowerPoint format. This makes it easy for the user to quickly copy and paste slides into their own PowerPoint presentations. For easy identification, each illustration includes the original caption in the "Speaker's Notes" section of the slide.

From the Preface: "These descriptions...are not the results of a single visit to the Holy City. I resided in Palestine for a number of years; and while preparing “Murray’s Hand-Book,” and revising its several editions, I had occasion repeatedly to examine, with no little minuteness, all places of sacred and historic interest in Palestine, Jerusalem being the chief . . . . I have not attempted to write a learned treatise on the topography or history of Jerusalem. My task has been far simpler—to produce a book whose pictures, by pen and pencil, may perchance direct the attention of readers of all classes to scenes of absorbing sacred interest."

The Images: All images are high-resolution (1600 x 1200 or higher) jpeg files, ideal for projecting in a classroom, viewing on a monitor or printing. Also included in each volume are pre-made PowerPoint files for each region, a viewing program, and an index. Click on one of the images below to see a medium-resolution version.

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Book Sections

From Joppa to Jerusalem


Olivet and Bethany


From Jerusalem to Beth-el

From Beth-el to Ai, Michmash, etc.

List of Illustrations in this Volume

 1. Court of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre at Easter, Frontispiece

 2. The Tomb of David—Mount Zion, Vignette

 3. Joppa from the South-West, ii

 4. Joppa from the North, iii

 5. School in the Armenian Convent, Joppa, vi

 6. Dealer in Lanterns, Joppa, vii

 7. The Plague Gallery in the Armenian Convent, Joppa, ix

 8. Egyptian Colonists, Joppa, x

 9. Bead-Sellers, Joppa, xi

10. Egyptian Music-Girl, Joppa, xiii

11. Fountain of Abu Nabut, xiv

12. Ramleh, xvi

13. The White Tower at Ramleh, xvii

14. Lydda, xviii

15. Church of St. George, Lydda, xix

16. Church at Kuryet el-Enab (Kirjath-Jearim), xxi

17. Street in Jerusalem, xxii

18. Panorama of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives, xxiii

19. Olive Trees in the Kidron Valley, 10

20. Ancient Wall of Temple Area, East Side, with Muslem Cemetery, 11

21. Tower of David, 14

22. Jerusalem from the Pool of Hezekiah, 15

23. Hebron or Joppa Gate, 16

24. The Mosque el-Aksa (South Side), 17

25. Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives, 19

26. Lower Valley of Jehoshaphat, or Kidron, 21

27. View of the Haram Area from beside the Church of St. Anne, 23

28. St. Stephen’s Gate, 26

29. The Golden Gate—Exterior View, 27

30. Tombs in the Valley of Jehoshaphat, 28

31. Wall at the South-East Angle of the Haram Area, 30

32. Pier in the Vaults of the Mosque el-Aksa, 32

33. Pillar of Double Gateway under the Mosque el-Aksa, 33

34. Jerusalem from Mount Zion—South-West Angle of Haram, 34

35. Jewish Family in Mount Zion, 35

36. Robinson’s Arch, 36

37. Jews’ Wailing-Place, 37

38. At the Place of Wailing, 41

39. Pilate’s House, overlooking Haram Area, 43

40. Remains of Fort Antonia, in Via Dolorosa, 44

41. General View of The Mosque of Omar, 45

42. Plan of The Dome of The Rock, 48

43. A Portico of the Mosque of Omar, 49

44. Pulpit on the Platform of the Haram, 51

45. Muslem Praying, 52

46. Porch of the Mosque el-Aksa, 53

47. Dome of Elias in the Haram Area, 55

48. Seller of Bracelets in Court of Church of the Holy Sepulchre, 57

49. Christian Oil-Sellers, 59

50. Zion Gate, 62

51. Sheikh of the Lepers, 63

52. The Damascus Gate, 64

53. House of Dives, 65

54. Via Dolorosa, 67

55. Porta Judiciaria, 68

56. Jews of Jerusalem, 69

57. Musician in Café, 71

58. Church of the Holy Sepulchre, 72

59. Fellahah in Holiday Attire, 73

60. Church of the Holy Sepulchre, 75

61. Interior of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, 76

62. Chapel of Calvary, or Golgotha, 77

63. Tower of Hippicus on Zion, 79

64. The Cœnaculum and Tomb of David, 83

65. Village of Siloam, 87

66. Absalom’s Tomb, 88

67. Plan of the Tombs of the Prophets, 90

68. Church and Tomb of the Virgin, 91

69. Plan of the Tomb of the Kings, 92

70. Pool of Siloam, 95

71. Travellers’ Camp, 100

72. Gethsemane as it is, 102

73. Bethany, 105

74. Ain Karim, 109

75. Rachel’s Tomb—Bethlehem beyond, 114

76. Bethlehem, 116

77. Church and Convent, Bethlehem, 117

78. The Shepherds’ Fields, Bethlehem, 119

79. Bead-Sellers, Bethlehem, 121

80. Worker in Nacre, Bethlehem, 122

81. Interior of the Church of the Nativity, 123

82. Women of Bethlehem, 125

83. Taamirah Arabs, 129

84. Solomon’s Pools, 132

85. Arab Women of the Taamirah Tribe, 135

86. Neby Samwîl, 140

87. El-Jîb—Gibeon, 142

88. Beit-’Ûr El-Fôka—Upper Beth-Horon, 144

89. Ruined Church at el-Bîreh—Beeroth, 145

90. Beitin—Beth-el, 146

91. Wady es Suweinît, near Mukhmâs, 155