Photographs of Charles Lee Feinberg

Dr. Charles Lee Feinberg, Dean Emeritus, Professor Emeritus of Semitics and Old Testament, Talbot Theological Seminary, made eight trips to the Holy Lands between 1959 and 1968. He took thousands of photographs of biblical sites and objects, and the best of these have now been digitized for easy use. Besides the tremendous knowledge of the subject that Dr. Feinberg brought with him on his travels, his photographs captured sites and scenes now unavailable because of increased population, construction, and wars.

This volume includes nearly 400 photographs in PowerPoint and high-resolution (1600x1200 or higher) jpg format. Photographs are included from Dr. Feinberg’s travels in Israel, the West Bank, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Greece and Rome.

"The story of Dr. Charles L. Feinberg is an amazing chronicle of God's grace. From his birth into an Orthodox Jewish home to his dream of becoming a Rabbi, to his wonderful recognition of the Lord Jesus Christ as His Messiah, to the founding Dean of Talbot School of Theology at Biola University, his life was a remarkable journey. I had Dr. Feinberg as a professor in my theological studies and was absolutely amazed at his knowledge of the Scripture and the practical application of it. Here was this giant of a scholar who showed such love for his students, and my life was changed because of his ministry. Besides his writings and his sermons, we now have available to us pictures that he took in the 1960s during his travels to Israel. So much of Israel has changed in these past 40 years and this CD allows us to view the state of Israel and the birthplace of Christ during this important time in Israel's history."

—Clyde Cook, President, Biola University


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"Here is a treasure indeed. These are pictures from a man who loved God; loved God's promises; loved God's land; loved God's Word. Dr. Charles Lee Feinberg adds to his already rich heritage with these pictures, which cannot be duplicated today. Many of these teaching slides are no longer available—some sites are destroyed; for others, the configuration of the landscape has completely changed; over others, structures have been built obscuring the view. Dr. Feinberg was a godly man of unmatched genius. How wonderful to have his pictures now available in digital format."

—Dr. Richard Rigsby, Professor of Old Testament and Semitics, Director of Talbot/Israel Program, Talbot School of Theology, La Mirada, California

This is an historic find for all those who are interested in the modern history of Israel. Here is the personal library of photographs taken by Dr. Charles L. Feinberg, the leading Jewish-Christian scholar of his day and a great lover of the land of the Bible. These photographs provide a rich, historical treasure for all who are interested in the unfolding saga of God’s chosen people. I had the privilege of being a former student of Dr. Feinberg’s who considered him both a teacher and mentor. I am grateful for the availability of this resource.

—Dr. John MacArthur, Pastor-Teacher, Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, California

"The viewer of these photographs has the rare privilege of viewing the lands of the Bible through the eyes of one of the most prominent Biblical scholars of the last century, Dr. Charles Feinberg. Though taken in the ’60s, these pictures exhibit the breadth of the Bible lands rarely seen in one collection of that time. But these are not just pictures of historical relics. The modern traveler will be aware that some things have changed since these photographs were taken. But the message behind them lives on. This is God’s land, promised to the descendents of Moses forever, Genesis 13:15. For those who have a love for the nation of Israel, each picture will seem like a vital part of a family photo album. They exhibit a rare combination of history and prophecy, leading to the inevitable conclusion that God is not finished with His people yet!"

—Dr. Jon McNeff, Senior Pastor, NorthCreek Church, Walnut Creek, California

"In this visually charged, image saturated culture, the Photographs of Charles Lee Feinberg will enable you to see the land of the Bible in its historic context. Sometimes sad because of war's effects, sometimes joyous in expectation of the Lord's coming, you will experience the Holy Land through the eyes of one who loved it and “prayed for the peace of Jerusalem."

—Aaron Gonzenbach, Associate Pastor, Crossroads Church, Clayton, California (Grandson of Dr. Charles Lee Feinberg)

"As a young pastor, I have found Dr. Feinberg’s Photographs of the Holy Land to be a valuable ministry asset. It is critical to bring the Land of Israel to life for our people, because so much of the Bible’s context is set in the Land. Dr. Feinberg’s photos are a powerful teaching aid to bridge the visual gap in people’s understanding of the Land of the Bible…and the Bible itself!"

—Kent Dresdow, Associate Pastor, NorthCreek Church, Walnut Creek, California


From the Producer's Introduction: "This collection does something more than a tour guide can do today: looking at these pictures you are taken through a window in time, back to the decade of the 1960s . . . . Most will be intrigued with other differences from the 1960s. The City of David today is covered by houses, Jewish and Arab, and the ability to see the ground itself is impossible. From an airplane, you can better see some features of the topography, but the houses, often three- and four-story, obscure the land . . . . One of the most stirring moments for me as I went chronologically through Dr. Feinberg's slides was his 1968 visit to the Western Wall. Though I never met Dr. Feinberg, I felt as if I was right there with him on this occasion. Each year when he visited the Western Wall, he took many pictures. But in 1968, following Israel's possession of the Old City, the area was completely different. The ramshackle neighborhood adjacent to the Western Wall had been cleared to make room for a large prayer plaza. Jewish people were now praying at the wall. If such is possible, I felt that I was experiencing Dr. Feinberg's excitement as he took picture after picture -- standing in one place and just slowly turning and clicking. He must have taken a roll of film as the thrill of the moment overwhelmed him . . . .

"There are older illustrations of the Holy Lands and there are older photographs than Dr. Feinberg's. But there are few that are older that are in color . . . . What the photographs of Dr. Feinberg lack in age, they make up for in color and authenticity . . . . One last reflection. These are the photographs that Dr. Feinberg showed his classes, time and again. He would often use them when he preached on Israel in prophecy. He had to manually sort through them one by one to arrange that day's particular presentation; would that he had this digital collection to make his work easier! . . . . To experience these photographs is not only to know better the land, it is to know better the man and his Jewish heritage as well as his passion for the Scripture and the Lord. For me, it has been an enriching experience and I trust that it will be for you as well."

—Todd Bolen, Producer, Historic Views of the Holy Land


From the Preface by Dr. John S. Feinberg: "The apostle Paul says that Israel had the great advantage of being given the very oracles of God, the Scriptures (Romans 3:1-2). Dad, like many other orthodox Jews, had a deep and abiding devotion to the Scriptures, for it is part of his heritage. He could hold it in his very hands, read it in the languages in which it was originally written, and guide his life by its precepts. The Holy Land was also part of his heritage, albeit not something that he could hold in his hands. Rather, it had to be visited and seen, and so at an early age, Dad developed a longing to visit the land . . . . The opportunity for him to visit Israel finally came in the late 1950s . . . . Dad was ecstatic as he eagerly awaited the day of departure. When he returned from that first trip, you could tell that the experience had touched him deeply. Dad had an encyclopedic knowledge of Scripture, but I remember him saying after returning from that first trip to the Holy Land that the things he saw just made Scripture “come alive” for him. Without the birth of the modern state of Israel, who knows whether Dad ever would have had a chance to see this land he loved so much? But the hand of God in twentieth century history opened the door, and Dad just couldn’t resist seeing this “new thing” that God was doing with his ancient people Israel . . . .

"Merely going to Israel, however, wasn’t enough for Dad. How could he possibly communicate to family and friends the wonderful things he had seen and done? Sharing memories was a good start, but memories fade after awhile. Pictures could fill in the gaps that mere words cannot convey, and so Dad took copious amounts of pictures. In the Lord’s good providence, he returned many times to the Holy Land, usually leading a tour, and he never tired of taking pictures each time he went. Though I never accompanied him on one of these trips, I felt a certain familiarity with the land because of Dad’s pictures. Dad frequently filled the pulpit as guest speaker at various churches. In many a Sunday evening service, Dad shared his experiences in the Holy Land, illustrated, of course, by pictures he had taken. I had the “duty” and pleasure of running the slide projector for him on many of those Sunday evenings. Dad had a wealth of pictures, but he had lovingly selected a sampling of the “highlights” of trips to the Holy Land. And there were special stories that went with every slide. Though I heard those stories many times, I never grew tired of them or the pictures. After the service, people who had been there were often ready to sign up for his next tour; they felt that they had really been given a full taste of the Holy Land. Dad’s knowledge of the Bible and his increasing knowledge of the land with every new trip made his presentations irresistible.

"A number of years ago, my family and I were preparing for a first missionary trip to Europe. Before we left I talked with Dad about the upcoming trip. Dad said, “Get yourself a good camera, and be sure to take a lot of pictures. Those are your memories.” Indeed, he was right; as time passes and memories fade, pictures help immensely to recover those memories. Thanks to the marvels of modern technology, we are pleased to share with you Dad’s memories of the Holy Land. My brother Paul (deceased), my sister Lois, and I have had the privilege of previewing what you will see on this disc. Our reaction is most positive and we are confident that you will greatly enjoy what you see! We trust that Dad’s memories of the Holy Land, captured so magnificently on this disc, will help to illumine your understanding of God’s Word, and that as you view this visual confirmation of so many biblical places and events, your walk with the Lord will grow deeper and your faith will grow stronger!"

—Dr. John S. Feinberg, Chair, Professor of Biblical and Systematic Theology, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, Illinois

List of Photographs in this Volume


Cairo Museum from Hilton Hotel, cf35-15.jpg

Cairo overview from Alabaster Mosque, cf24-08.jpg

Cairo overview from Alabaster Mosque, cf24-09.jpg

Cairo University, cf18-45.jpg

Colossi of Memnon in floodwaters of Nile River, cf34-74.jpg

Dr Feinberg with Arab headdress, cf18-43.jpg

Giza camel with Dr Feinberg, cf10-42.jpg

Giza Chefren's Pyramid, cf10-40.jpg

Giza Pyramid with Dr Feinberg, cf18-38.jpg

Giza Pyramid, cf10-32.jpg

Giza Pyramid, cf18-37.jpg

Giza Pyramids, cf10-31.jpg

Giza Sphinx and Pyramid, cf10-46.jpg

Giza Sphinx with Dr Feinberg and guide, cf10-48.jpg

Giza Sphinx, cf10-50.jpg

Karnak Temple columns with lotus flower, cf35-10.jpg

Memphis Alabaster sphinx, cf18-46.jpg

Memphis Sphinx of Amenhotep II, cf23-66.jpg

Memphis Sphinx of Amenhotep II, cf23-68.jpg

Memphis Statue of Ramses II, cf23-71.jpg

Sailboat on Nile, cf18-34.jpg

Saqqara Step Pyramid, cf23-74.jpg


Amphipolis lion, cf37-69.jpg

Athens Acropolis, cf26-13.jpg

Athens Acropolis, cf26-16.jpg

Athens Acropolis, cf26-26.jpg

Athens agora, cf26-38.jpg

Athens Mars Hill from Acropolis, cf09-49.jpg

Athens Mars Hill from Acropolis, cf09-72.jpg

Athens Mars Hill, cf26-39.jpg

Athens Olympic stadium, cf02-43.jpg

Athens Parthenon, cf09-55.jpg

Athens Temple of Zeus fallen column, cf26-15.jpg

Athens Temple of Zeus, cf02-40.jpg

Athens Temple of Zeus, cf26-11.jpg

Athens Temple of Zeus, cf26-17.jpg

Athens Temple of Zeus, cf26-19.jpg

Athens Theater of Dionysius, cf26-31.jpg

Athens Theater of Dionysius, cf26-32.jpg

Athens world's smallest cathedral, 1200 AD, cf02-46.jpg

Corinth Canal, cf26-53.jpg

Corinth Canal, cf26-55.jpg

Kevalla on way to Thassos, cf37-70.jpg

Philippi forum, cf38-06.jpg

Philippi forum, cf38-07.jpg

Philippi Paul's prison, cf38-10.jpg

Thassos Island, cf37-80.jpg

Thassos Island, cf38-04.jpg

Thessalonica Church of St Demetrius, cf38-18.jpg

Thessalonica city and harbor, cf38-16.jpg

Thessalonica city and harbor, cf38-17.jpg

Giza Pyramid


Arab feeding camel, cf06-70.jpg

Arab with camel, cf06-67.jpg

Arab woman with nosering in Negev, cf06-72.jpg

Ashdod harbor under construction, cf25-70.jpg

Ashdod harbor, cf25-72.jpg

Ashkelon beach, cf14-33.jpg

Ashkelon Columns of Samson with Dr Feinberg, cf05-49.jpg

Ashkelon Columns of Samson, cf05-48.jpg

Ashkelon Roman artifacts, cf14-31.jpg

Beersheba modern city, cf05-55.jpg

Beersheba Well of Abraham, cf05-60.jpg

Caesarea aqueduct, cf14-11.jpg

Caesarea arch with Mediterranean, cf05-71.jpg

Caesarea excavations, cf05-69.jpg

Caesarea excavations, cf25-58.jpg

Caesarea field, cf37-20.jpg

Caesarea harbor, cf05-70.jpg

Caesarea headless statue, cf37-19.jpg

Caesarea minaret and harbor, cf25-57.jpg

Caesarea theater, cf25-65.jpg

Camel with young on way to Beersheba, cf06-69.jpg

Capernaum synagogue and fragments, cf25-24.jpg

Capernaum synagogue western side, cf25-26.jpg

Capernaum synagogue, cf04-43.jpg

Capernaum synagogue, cf25-25.jpg

Capernaum synagogue, cf36-57.jpg

Capernaum synagogue, cf36-58.jpg

Gaza Strip from distance, cf14-25.jpg

Haifa bay, cf52-24.jpg

Haifa city and bay from above, cf36-79.jpg

Haifa city and bay from south, cf36-80.jpg

Haifa from above, cf14-05.jpg

Haifa from above, cf14-07.jpg

Haifa overview, cf25-52.jpg

Haifa, cf06-11.jpg

Hammath Tiberias, Roman bath ruins, cf08-02.jpg

Huleh Valley and Kiriath Shmonah from above, cf36-66.jpg

Huleh Valley, cf36-63.jpg

Huleh Valley, cf36-65.jpg

Huley Valley with Mt Hermon and Kiriath Shmonah, cf36-64.jpg

Jabneel village with cultivated fields, cf06-39.jpg

Jabneel village, cf06-38.jpg

Jaffa Church of Simon the Tanner, cf14-16.jpg

Jaffa municipal building, cf06-43.jpg

JNF hemp fields for rope, cf07-01.jpg

Kennedy Memorial, cf35-80.jpg

Kibbutz children at Degania B, cf13-51.jpg

Lod Airport, 20th anniversary, cf41-01.jpg

Megiddo, cf13-31.jpg

Mount Hermon, cf36-67.jpg

Mount of Beatitudes, cf13-58.jpg

Mt Carmel Cave of Elijah, cf06-10.jpg

Nazareth carpenter shop, cf13-72.jpg

Nazareth Church of Annunciation, construction, cf25-28.jpg

Nazareth Mary's Well, cf13-70.jpg

Nazareth Mary's Well, cf36-33.jpg

Nazareth overview, cf04-25.jpg

Nazareth overview, cf13-67.jpg

Sea of Galilee and Degania Aleph, cf52-20.jpg

Sea of Galilee southern end, cf13-36.jpg

Sea of Galilee southern end, cf13-39.jpg

Sea of Galilee, cf36-42.jpg

Tel Aviv coastline from Jaffa, cf07-69.jpg

Tel Aviv from Hilton, cf42-58.jpg

Tel Aviv from Hilton, cf42-59.jpg

Tel Aviv from Jaffa, cf14-13.jpg

Tel Aviv shore from Hilton Hotel, cf42-57.jpg

Terracing near Ein Kerem, cf13-20.jpg

Tiberias first cannon fired in 1948 war, cf08-04.jpg

Tiberias view from Hammath Tiberias, cf08-03.jpg

Transitional camp for immigrants, cf05-34.jpg

Turan Valley and Kefar Kana north of Nazareth, cf13-63.jpg

Camels near Beersheba


Bethany Church of Lazarus, cf35-56.jpg

Bethany church, cf11-49.jpg

Chief Rabbinate building, cf52-38.jpg

Church of Holy Sepulcher with scaffolding, cf04-76.jpg

City of David overview from west, cf05-20.jpg

Damascus Gate, cf12-03.jpg

Dome of the Rock under construction, cf11-54.jpg

Dome of the Rock under construction, cf11-55.jpg

Dome of the Rock, cf24-14.jpg

Dome of the Rock, cf24-15.jpg

Dormitian Abbey with war scars, cf35-75.jpg

Garden of Gethsemane, cf12-53.jpg

Garden Tomb, cf11-69.jpg

Gethsemane, Church of All Nations, cf12-52.jpg

Golden Gate, cf24-21.jpg

Gordon's Calvary, cf11-74.jpg

Greek Orthodox School from Hinnom Valley, cf12-79.jpg

Hebrew University, Givat Ram, cf13-04.jpg

Hebrew University, Givat Ram, cf13-05.jpg

Hebrew University, Givat Ram, cf13-07.jpg

Hebrew University, Givat Ram, cf13-08.jpg

Hebrew University, Givat Ram, cf13-09.jpg

Hebrew University, Givat Ram, cf13-10.jpg

Hebrew University, Givat Ram, cf13-11.jpg

Hinnom Valley with Sultan's Pool, cf12-69.jpg

Holy Sepulcher facade with scaffolding, cf11-78.jpg

Holyland Hotel model City of David, cf41-59.jpg

Holyland Hotel model from northwest, cf41-53.jpg

Holyland Hotel model from northwest, cf41-54.jpg

Holyland Hotel model Temple Mount, cf41-61.jpg

Holyland Hotel model Temple Mount, cf41-63.jpg

Holyland Hotel model Temple, cf41-62.jpg

Holyland Hotel upper city, cf41-58.jpg

Jerusalem airport, cf19-21.jpg

Jerusalem from Mt Herzl, cf13-23.jpg

Jerusalem from Mt Herzl, cf13-24.jpg

Jerusalem from Mt Herzl, cf13-25.jpg

Jerusalem from Mt Herzl, cf13-26.jpg

Jerusalem near Sanhedrin Tombs, cf13-14.jpg

Jerusalem overview from Ambassador Hotel, cf05-16.jpg

Jerusalem overview from Mt of Olives, cf35-49.jpg

Jerusalem view from Mt of Olives, cf35-49.jpg

Jerusalem view from Mt of Olives, cf35-50.jpg

Jerusalem view from Mt of Olives, cf35-51.jpg

Jerusalem view from Mt of Olives, cf35-54.jpg

Jerusalem view from southwest, cf35-71.jpg

Jerusalem view from southwest, cf35-74.jpg

Kidron Valley, area of Ein Rogel and Hakeldema, cf05-19.jpg

Kidron Valley, cf12-51.jpg

Kidron Valley, cf24-65.jpg

King David Tomb sign and border, cf12-75.jpg

Knesset building when new, cf36-10.jpg

Mishkenot Shaananim and King David from Mt Zion, cf12-68.jpg

Mt of Olives from Temple Mount, cf11-52.jpg

Mt of Olives view from southwest, cf35-73.jpg

Mt Zion view from south, cf35-72.jpg

Palm Sunday procession on Mt of Olives, cf19-35.jpg

Scottish Church from Mt Zion, cf12-78.jpg

Shrine of the Book, cf36-11.jpg

Temple Mount north of Dome of Rock, cf11-59.jpg

Temple Mount toward Mt of Olives, cf24-17.jpg

Temple Mount toward Mt of Olives, cf24-18.jpg

Terra Sancta College, cf13-13.jpg

Tomb of the Sanhedrin, cf13-15.jpg

Tomb of the Sanhedrin, cf13-16.jpg

Via Dolorosa Franciscan procession, cf04-6.jpg

Via Dolorosa procession, cf24-40.jpg

Via Dolorosa procession, cf24-42.jpg

Western Wall plaza recently cleared, cf41-74.jpg

Western Wall plaza recently cleared, cf41-75.jpg

Western Wall plaza recently cleared, cf41-77.jpg

Western Wall plaza, cf41-76.jpg

Western Wall with soldier, cf11-63.jpg

Western Wall, cf05-28.jpg

Western Wall, cf11-65.jpg

Western Wall, cf24-26.jpg

Western Wall, cf35-69.jpg

Western Wall, cf35-70.jpg

Western Wall, cf41-79.jpg

Western Wall, cf41-80.jpg

Western Wall, cf42-01.jpg

Western Wall, cf42-02.jpg

Western Wall, cf42-03.jpg

Western Wall, cf42-04.jpg

Western Wall, cf42-05.jpg

Western Wall, cf42-06.jpg

Western Wall, cf42-07.jpg

YMCA West, cf05-30.jpg


Gerasa Cardo, cf04-15.jpg

Gerasa Hadrian's Arch, cf04-02.jpg

Gerasa nymphaeum, cf04-16.jpg

Gerasa oval plaza and Cardo from theater, cf04-09.jpg

Gerasa ruins, cf04-08.jpg

Gerasa ruins, cf04-13.jpg

Gerasa ruins, cf04-14.jpg

Gerasa Temple of Zeus, cf04-03.jpg

Gerasa theater and modern city, cf04-11.jpg

Gerasa theater entrance arches, cf04-05.jpg

Gerasa theater stage, cf04-06.jpg

Gerasa theater stage, cf04-07.jpg

Gerasa theater stage, cf04-10.jpg

Gerasa theater, oval plaza and modern city, cf04-12.jpg

Gerasa Triumphal Arch of Hadrian, cf11-33.jpg

Jabbok River, cf11-34.jpg

Jabbok River, cf35-33.jpg

Jabbok River, cf35-34.jpg

Jabbok River, cf35-35.jpg

Jordanian soldiers at Gerasa, cf11-31.jpg


Baalbek Bacchus Temple archway, cf11-05.jpg

Baalbek Bacchus Temple archway, cf11-07b.jpg

Baalbek Bacchus Temple carvings, cf03-62.jpg

Baalbek Bacchus Temple interior, cf03-60.jpg

Baalbek Bacchus Temple leaning column, cf11-06.jpg

Baalbek Bacchus Temple ornate ceilings, cf51-38.jpg

Baalbek Bacchus Temple portal, cf03-59.jpg

Baalbek Bacchus Temple portal, cf51-37.jpg

Baalbek Bacchus Temple, cf11-03.jpg

Baalbek Bacchus Temple, cf11-04.jpg

Baalbek Chapel of Diana, cf10-72.jpg

Baalbek designs, cf03-45.jpg

Baalbek egg, arrow, rose designs, cf03-51.jpg

Baalbek Jupiter Temple columns, cf03-52.jpg

Baalbek Jupiter Temple columns, cf03-54.jpg

Baalbek Jupiter Temple columns, cf03-55.jpg

Baalbek Jupiter Temple, cf10-77.jpg

Baalbek lion's head decoration, cf10-76.jpg

Baalbek pillar, cf03-57.jpg

Baalbek ruins with snow covered mountains, cf03-48.jpg

Baalbek ruins with snow covered mountains, cf03-49.jpg

Baalbek ruins, cf03-36.jpg

Baalbek ruins, cf03-37.jpg

Baalbek ruins, cf03-38.jpg

Baalbek ruins, cf03-39.jpg

Baalbek ruins, cf03-40.jpg

Baalbek ruins, cf03-42.jpg

Baalbek ruins, cf03-43.jpg

Baalbek ruins, cf03-44.jpg

Baalbek ruins, cf03-50.jpg

Baalbek ruins, egg, arrow, rose, cf03-35.jpg

Baalbek stones and carvings, cf03-41.jpg

Baalbek temple reconstruction, cf03-63.jpg

Baalbek temple ruins, cf03-56.jpg

Baalbek temple, cf03-47.jpg

Baalbek Venus Temple with minaret, cf11-10.jpg

Beirut airport, cf32-34.jpg

Beirut Pigeon Rocks, cf18-60.jpg

Beirut Pigeon Rocks, cf18-61.jpg

Beirut Pigeon Rocks, Suicide Point, cf03-09.jpg

Byblos fortress walls, cf03-28.jpg

Byblos Phoenician temples with necropolis, cf03-32.jpg

Byblos ruins and modern homes, cf03-27.jpg

Byblos ruins, cf03-24.jpg

Byblos view from fortress to sea, cf03-31.jpg

Byblos walls, Hyksos, Persian, Crusader, cf03-25.jpg

Cedars of Lebanon with Dr Feinberg, cf18-72.jpg

Dog River Inscription, Napoleon III, cf18-65.jpg

Mt Lebanon from Baalbek, cf10-75.jpg

Mt Sannin in Lebanon with snow, cf10-64.jpg

Sidon Crusader castle, cf35-26.jpg

Sidon Crusader castle, cf35-28.jpg

Sidon Crusader castle, cf35-29.jpg

Tyre Alexander's Road, cf35-24.jpg

Tyre excavations, cf35-20.jpg

Tyre excavations, cf35-21.jpg

Tyre excavations, cf35-22.jpg

Tyre excavations, cf35-23.jpg

Tyre excavations, cf35-25.jpg


Christ and Mary on cross, cf22-75.jpg

Rome Church of Mary Magdalene, cf08-61.jpg

Rome Forum, cf22-70.jpg

Rome Forum, cf22-76.jpg

Rome from Janiculum Hill, cf22-61.jpg

Rome Mamertine Prison, cf22-72.jpg

Rome Trevi Fountains, cf22-65.jpg

Tyre, Alexander's Road


Damascus entrance arch, cf11-19.jpg

Damascus House of Ananias, cf11-21.jpg

Damascus Straight Street, cf03-76.jpg

Damascus Straight Street, cf11-17.jpg

Damascus Straight Street, cf51-40.jpg

Damascus Ummayad mosque court, cf03-69.jpg

Damascus view over city, cf03-77.jpg

Damascus wall window where Paul escaped, cf11-26.jpg

Damascus wall window where Paul escaped, cf51-43.jpg

Damascus, oldest gate in city, cf11-22.jpg

Jordan border from Syria, cf11-29.jpg

Mt Hermon from Damascus Amman Road, cf11-28.jpg

Syrian border from Lebanon, cf35-32.jpg


Ephesus ruins, cf38-71.jpg

Ephesus ruins, cf38-78.jpg

Ephesus ruins, cf39-01.jpg

Ephesus ruins, cf39-03.jpg

Ephesus theater, cf39-11.jpg

Ephesus theater, cf39-13.jpg

Ephesus theater, cf39-14.jpg

Ephesus view, cf38-69.jpg

Istanbul airport, cf32-31.jpg

Istanbul airport, cf32-32.jpg

Smyrna agora, cf38-42.jpg

Smyrna agora, cf38-43.jpg

Smyrna agora, cf38-44.jpg

Smyrna agora, cf38-45.jpg

Smyrna city and harbor, cf38-51.jpg

Smyrna city and harbor, cf38-52.jpg


West Bank

Bethel area on way to Samaria, cf12-06.jpg

Bethlehem Church of Nativity entrance, cf12-40.jpg

Bethlehem Church of Nativity, cf12-39.jpg

Bethlehem Rachel's Tomb, cf12-26.jpg

Bethlehem Rachel's Tomb, cf35-48.jpg

Bethlehem Shepherds Fields and Herodium, cf12-36.jpg

Bethlehem Shepherds Fields with Herodium, cf12-37.jpg

Bethlehem Shepherds Fields, cf12-35.jpg

Bethlehem Shepherds Fields, cf12-38.jpg

Bethlehem Shepherds Fields, cf35-46.jpg

Bethlehem Shepherds Fields, cf35-47.jpg

Dead Sea beach area, cf24-54.jpg

Dead Sea hotel, cf24-55.jpg

Good Samaritan Inn, cf11-47.jpg

Hebron Machpelah courtyard with camels, cf41-12.jpg

Hebron Machpelah, cf12-27.jpg

Hebron Machpelah, cf12-28.jpg

Hebron Machpelah, cf35-36.jpg

Hebron Machpelah, cf35-37.jpg

Hebron Oak of Mamre, cf12-30.jpg

Hebron Oak of Mamre, cf35-39.jpg

Hebron Valley of Eshkol, cf41-06.jpg

Hebron Valley of Eshkol, cf41-08.jpg

Hebron view from Machpelah, cf41-10.jpg

Hebron view from Machpelah, cf41-11.jpg

Hebron Well of Abraham, cf41-09.jpg

Israeli Soldiers at Hebron, cf41-13.jpg

Jericho Elisha's Spring, cf24-48.jpg

Jericho Hisham's Palace, cf06-52.jpg

Jericho Hisham's Palace, cf24-50.jpg

Jericho Mount of Temptation, cf51-79.jpg

Jericho palm trees, cf11-43.jpg

Jericho palm trees, cf11-44.jpg

Jericho tell from south, cf06-46.jpg


Jericho Well of Elisha, cf11-41.jpg

Jordan River, traditional spot of Jesus baptism, cf11-45.jpg

Jordanian tank from 67 war in Samaria, cf42-11.jpg

Mt Gerizim, cf12-14.jpg

Samaria acropolis masonry, cf12-19.jpg

Samaria forum, cf12-20.jpg

Samaria forum, cf12-21.jpg

Samaria John the Baptist prison, cf12-18.jpg

Samaria John the Baptist tomb, cf12-17.jpg

Shiloh in distance, cf12-07.jpg

Shiloh, cf07-68.jpg

Solomon's Pools, cf35-40.jpg

Solomon's Pools, cf35-41.jpg

Solomon's Pools, cf41-16.jpg

Solomon's Pools, cf41-17.jpg

Solomon's Pools, cf41-18.jpg

Valley where wineries supplied Temple, cf12-09.jpg

Valley where wineries supplied Temple, cf12-10.jpg

Solomon's Pools