Views That Have Vanished:
The Photographs of David Bivin

In the early 1960s, David Bivin went to study at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Armed with a Yashica-D medium-format camera, Bivin traveled the land of Israel and the surrounding regions taking
photographs of biblical sites, archaeological excavations, and everyday scenes. Today these photographs provide a window on a land that has changed radically, as a result of the construction of cities, the Six Day War, and the unification of Jerusalem.

This volume includes more than 700 photographs in high-resolution (1600x1200 or higher) jpg format, which means the images look crisp and clear even when projected on a large screen. All of the images are also included in pre-made PowerPoint® files for classroom teaching. Explanatory notes are included in the PowerPoint® files. The collection includes photographs of Israel, the West Bank, Jordan, Greece, and Rome.


"Views That Have Vanished is a great addition to the already long list of photographic materials published by BiblePlaces. The CD belongs in the library of every church and every person who teaches Bible classes with an emphasis on the land in which these historical events took place. Frequently I say to my groups, "I wish you could have seen this before. . . ." Now, you can see it through these photographs."

—Ferrell Jenkins, Retired Chair of Biblical Studies, Florida College

About the Photographer: David Bivin is director of Jerusalem Perspective (, and a member of the Jerusalem School of Synoptic Research, a research organization made up of Jewish and Christian scholars dedicated to better understanding the Synoptic Gospels.

About the Producer: Dr. Todd Bolen is a Professor of Biblical Studies at The Master’s University. He lived and taught for many years at their campus near Jerusalem. He is the producer of more than 60 volumes of photographs illustrating the biblical world, including the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands and the Photo Companion to the Bible.

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"For years now, Todd Bolen's wonderful collection of photos of Biblical sites has been an indispensible tool of my preaching and teaching ministry. My congregation loves to see as well as hear about the places where Biblical events happened. This new collection fills in a critical gap, allowing us to see the Holy Land before the massive changes that have taken place in the past 50 years and obscured parts of the land that had changed little over many centuries."
—Rev. Al Sandalow, Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Ellensburg, Washington

The Uniqueness of this Collection:

Continuous Presence: David Bivin was not a tourist to Israel, but he has lived there continuously since 1963. He was there to photograph historic archaeological excavations in progress, view military parades, and experience the cycle of holidays every year. Bivin’s presence in the land allowed him to get photographs that an intermittent visitor likely does not have the opportunity to take.

Dramatic Moments: Living in Jerusalem enabled Bivin to photograph such fascinating events as the aftermath of the capture of the Old City of Jerusalem in 1967, the Independence Day celebration of 1968 when Israel paraded military hardware captured from its enemies, and the mourning procession for Egyptian president Nasser in 1970. Bivin was present at the Western Wall when the prayer plaza was being created. He was on the scene when crates of Jordanian ammunition were being removed from the Citadel of David. He caught on film the streams of Israelis finally able to visit the most ancient parts of the Holy City, off-limits to them during the decades of Arab control.

Jaffa Gate shortly after the capture of the Old City, July 1967

Photographic Skill: Though not a professional photographer, Bivin had a high-quality, medium-format camera and he took extensive photographs throughout the 1960s. His detailed notes allow each photograph to be easily identified, including the exact date on which the photograph was taken.

Knowledge: First a student and then a teacher of historical geography and archaeology, Bivin traveled to major sites all over Israel, and the East and West Banks of Jordan. He photographed ongoing excavations at Megiddo, Ashdod, Masada, Arad, and Gezer. He led groups to rarely-visited sites such as Dothan, Tirzah, Shiloh, Gophna, Tell el-Hesi, Tell Jemmeh, Mamre, Beit Zeitha, and Jebel Qaaqir.

Robinson's Arch, Temple Mount, 1968

Color Photographs: These are among the earliest color photographs taken in Israel.

Friends: Bivin knew and photographed many people who have left a legacy in the fields of historical geography and biblical archaeology, including Nelson Glueck, Abraham Malamat, Yohanan Aharoni, Ephraim Stern, Avraham Negev, Gabriel Barkay, and Anson Rainey.

"For those who are interested in Israel, archaeology, and history, this CD offers an enlightening glimpse of numerous sites as they looked 40 years ago.  Four decades of excavations and life in Israel has greatly changed the appearance of numerous locations of biblical significance and this CD allows us to see those places before those changes took place.  This CD gives us another tool to help people better understand the Bible in light of its connection with the geography and topography of the land of promise."

—Dr. Michael Grisanti, Professor of Old Testament, The Master's Seminary

"Going back in time is physically impossible, but these stunningly clear photos show vintage 1960's views of biblical sites, many of which are presented with modern day contrasts.  This valuable resource adds historical/cultural texture for personal study and also in a teaching context."
—Matt Kottman, Pastor of Calvary Chapel, Leatherhead, U.K.

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List of Photographs in the Volume

Coastal Plain

Acco fortress western wall, db6607242502

Acco from south, db6608302605

Achziv deserted Arab town with Rosh HaNiqra, db6311161106

Ashdod excavations, db6307240409

Ashdod excavations, db6307240410

Ashdod excavations, db6307240411

Ashdod modern city, db6307240408

Ashdod new port from Tel Mor, db6604231807

Ashdod new port under construction, db6307240405

Ashkelon Crusader wall on Middle Bronze glacis, db6804032712

Ashkelon forum with granite pillars, db6804032709

Caesarea harbor from northeast, db6603250806

Caesarea Roman theater, db6608312706

Caesarea theater stage under restoration, db6603250809

Caesarea theater under restoration, db6603250808

Dor port and theater, db6405313504

Haifa and Acco Bay, db6607242504

Haifa and Acco Bay, db6607242506

Haifa Bahai shrine, db6608312609

Haifa Technion campus, Bay of Acco, db6608312701

Jaffa and Tel Aviv coastline from Jaffa, db6407053707

Jaffa and Tel Aviv from south, db6608312711

Jaffa clock tower, db6407053711

Nahariya city street, db6608302608

Rosh HaNiqra northern coastline, db6308200607

Tel Aviv, Allenby Rd, db6608312709

Turkish aqueduct at Lohame HaGetaot, db6308200605


Abel Beth Maacah from Metulla, view south, db6505162103

Abel Beth Maacah from sw, db6704091107

Arbel and Sea of Galilee from Horns of Hattin, db6505172110

Arbel and Sea of Galilee from Horns of Hattin, db6505172112

Arbel cliffs and Plain of Genessaret, db6704101301

Arbel cliffs with Sea of Galilee from west, db6704101212

Banias falls and Mt Hermon from south, db6804073601

Banias falls, db6804073603

Baram synagogue, db6608302606

Bet Haccherem Valley with three ridges, db6704101202

Bet Haccherem Valley, Sajur, Carmiel, db6704101201

Birket Ram, db6804073703

Boats on Sea of Galilee, db7904009901

Caesarea Philippi area and sacred cave, db6804073605

Caesarea Philippi area and sacred cave, db6804073606

Caesarea Philippi sacred niche, db6804073610

Capernaum area and Sea of Galilee, db6804063410

Capernaum synagogue and main street, db6804063407

Capernaum synagogue and Peter's house, db6804063409

Capernaum synagogue with steps, db6603260903

Capernaum synagogue, db6704080912

Capernaum synagogue, db6804063408

Chorazin synagogue, db6505162102

Chorazin synagogue, db6704091004

Chorazin synagogue, db6704091007

Dan pear orchard with view to Mt Hermon, db6704091104

En Gev and Hippos view east from Sea of Galilee, db6308210712

Galilee mountains and Mt Hermon from Arbel, db6704101210

Galilee mountains view sw with Kibbutz Parod, db6704091112

Gamla from above, db9900009947

Gamla from above, db9900009954

Hazor Area B with Mt Hermon, db6704091012

Hazor Canaanite altar with Mt Hermon, db6704091101

Hazor Solomonic gate, casemate wall with Rainey, db6311171211

Horns of Hattin and Mt Tabor from Arbel, db6704101303

Huleh Valley and Golan Heights from west, db6505172107

Huleh Valley and Kiriath Shmonah from nw, db6505162106

Ashdod excavations, 1963

Huleh Valley with Mt Hermon from sw, db6704091109

Jordan River from Bridge of Jacob's Daughters, db6905017109

Jordan River near Bridge of Jacob's Daughters, db6905017108

Kefar Giladi, view south from Abel Beth Maacah, db6311171208

Kh Umm el-Amed synagogue view north, db6704101207

Lebanon from Metulla with border sign, db6505162104

Lebanon view north from Metulla, db6704091106

Metulla from west with Mt Hermon, db6704091105

Moshav Ahihud from Tel Birah, db6311161108

Mount Hermon with snow from south, db6804073701

Nahal Gamla from ruins, db9900009953

Nazareth marketplace, db6310071007

Nazareth overview from northeast, db6704010309

Nazareth, Paul VI St, db6703310304

Nebi Shueib, Tomb of Jethro, Druze shrine, db6704101209

Olive trees with red flowers in bloom in Galilee, db6704101205

Plain of Bethsaida and Sea of Galilee from west, db6704091009

Plain of Gennesaret from Mt of Beatitudes, db6704091001

Plain of Gennesaret, Sea of Galilee, Mt Hermon, db6704101211

Sea of Galilee from northwest, db6704101302

Sea of Galilee from Tabgha, db6804073504

Sea of Galilee from west, db6505152011

Sea of Galilee southern end from east, db6804073705

Sea of Galilee southern end from Poriya, db6704101305

Sea of Galilee southern end from west, db6804063312

Sea of Galilee southern end view from west, db6608292601

Sea of Galilee southern end view from west, db6608292602

Sea of Galilee with boat and water-skiier, db6804063310

Sea of Galilee with boat, db6505152008

Sea of Galilee with fishing boats, db6808215511

Sea of Galilee with palm tree, db6804063404

Sea of Galilee with Tabgha and flock of sheep, db6505152012

Sea of Galilee with Wadi Yarmuk, db6704080910

Tabgha shoreline and Sea of Galilee, db6804073502

Tiberias and Sea of Galilee from west, db6308210702

Wadi Yarmuk and Hammat Gader from above, db6804073711

Yellow flowers at Hazor, db6804073505

Greece and Rome

Athens acropolis from Mars Hill, db6407143905

Athens acropolis with Parthenon, db6407143810

Athens acropolis with Parthenon, db6407143812

Athens agora concert hall of Agrippa, Mars Hill, db6407143911

Athens forum and city, view north from acropolis, db6407143806

Athens Mars Hill and acropolis, db6407143906

Athens odeum and Hill of Philopappus, db6407143807

Athens Stoa of Attalos, db6407143910

Athens Temple of Hephaestus, db6407143908

Athens Temple of Wingless Victory, db6407143903

Athens Tower of the Winds, db6407143912

Athens view from acropolis with Mount Likavittos, db6407143811

Crete Heraklion Knossos palace dolphin fresco, db6410180201

Crete Heraklion Knossos palace wall painting, db6410180110

Crete Heraklion Knossos palace wall, db6410180109

Crete Heraklion Knossos palace, db6410180112

Crete Heraklion storage jar in situ, db6410180111

Rome Arch of Constantine and Colosseum, db6407174011

Rome Arch of Constantine from Colosseum, db6407174007

Rome Arch of Titus Temple treasures scene, db6407174103

Rome Arch of Titus Temple treasures scene, db6407174104

Rome Colosseum interior with Bivin, db6407174009

Rome Colosseum interior, db6407174008

Rome forum from south, db6407174105

Rome Piazza Navonna with obelisk, db6407174107

Rome St Peter's Cathedral interior, db6407174002

Rome St. Peter's Cathedral, db6407174005

Rome, Isedra, db6407174106


Ammunition Hill view east across bunkers, db6911157502

Ammunition Hill view n, sappers clearing mines, db6804104010

Ammunition Hill view north, db6911157503

Arab vendor selling pottery near Old City, db6707011604

Capernaum synagogue and Church of Peter, 1968

Ben-Zvi Road from northwest, db6805114904

Binyanei HaUmah, 27th Zionist Congress, db6805115101

Bus garage with government building, db6406273611

City of David and Hill of Offense, db6412240312

City of David and Mt Zion from east, db6911157604

City of David and Silwan from nw, db7708000107

East Jerusalem near Ritz Hotel, db7010017801

Former Jordanian position near Mandelbaum Gate, db6709051806

Former Jordanian position near Mandelbaum Gate, db6709051807

Garden of Gethsemane olive tree, db6808205502

Garden Tomb, db6401192208

Givat Hananiyah, no man's land, view to UN hq, db6701052901

Gordon's Calvary from south, db6601090712

Gordon's Calvary with bus station, db6401192206

Hebrew U and prime minister's buildings, db6604101608

Hebrew U campus from dorm building, db6307050209

Hebrew U geography building under construction, db6307050212

Hebrew U Givat Ram campus view south, db6604101611

Hebrew U Givat Ram campus view south, db6604101612

Hebrew U Givat Ram campus, db6604101610

Herod's family tomb, db6605212211

Herodian column, cracked, in Russian Compound, db6307250502

Hill of Offense, Silwan, Kidron Valley fr north, db6709051904

Hinnom Valley and West Jerusalem with J and N Bivin, db8005000112

Hinnom Valley from north after 1967 war, db6707011602

Hinnom Valley from south, db6701052907

Hinnom Valley with Monastery of St Onuphrius, db6401192105

Hinnom Valley with Sultan's Pool from south, db6607262508

Israel Museum under construction, db6412240610

Jaffa Road view to Zion Square, db6801192510

Jerusalem and Mt of Olives from southwest, db6511110104

Jerusalem and Mt of Olives from west, db6607082109

Jerusalem from Mt of Olives panorama, db6804104006

Jerusalem from Mt of Olives panorama, db6804104007

Jerusalem from Mt of Olives panorama, db6804104008

Jerusalem from Nebi Samwil with Beit Iksa, db6911157510

Jerusalem snowfall on Bethlehem Road, db6801152404

Jerusalem snowfall on Shimshon St, db6801152402

Jerusalem view east to Government House, db6709051802

Jerusalem view from Mount of Olives, db6601080504

Jerusalem view from Mt of Olives, db6911157607

Jerusalem view from Mt of Olives, db6911157608

Jerusalem view north from Beit Jalla, db6811095803

Jerusalem view north from Beit Jalla, db6811095805

Jerusalem view north with Har Herzl, Nebi Samwil, db6709051805

Jerusalem view nw from Mount of Olives, db6601080505

Jerusalem view se from YMCA tower, db6605292310

Jerusalem view south from Nebi Samwil, db6911157505

Jerusalem view south from Nebi Samwil, db6911157507

Jerusalem view south from YMCA tower, db6605292309

Jordanian workers carving building stones, Mt Zion, db6804154102

Kidron Valley from north, db6401192109

Kidron Valley view north to Temple Mount, db6401192106

Kidron Valley, City of David, and Silwan from nw, db6804002611

King David Hotel, db6605212210

Knesset building at night, db6805115003

Knesset building, nearing completion, db6412240608

Knesset under construction, db6308190512

Malha, biblical Manhat, from west, db6810115611

Mandelbaum Gate from north, db6709051808

Mandelbaum Gate, db6707010605

Mandelbaum Gate, Israel Jordan border crossing, db6307250503

Nablus Road, north of Jerusalem, db6403282609

Old City and Hinnom Valley from south, db6707011501

Old City from west, db6605212212

Pool of Siloam, db7708000103

Post-war rubble on Mamilla St, db6707031609

Russian Compound Holy Trinity Church, db6307250501

Sanhedrin tombs, db6307250505

Sultan's Pool, Mt Zion, Bishop Gobat school, db6607262507

Tomb of the Sanhedrin, 1st century AD, db6307250507

Turjeman House near Mandelbaum Gate view sw, db6709282001

Wadi Joz view southeast, db6905207311

West Jerusalem and Old City from west, db6607082106

West Jerusalem from Hebrew U, db6604101609

West Jerusalem view ne from YMCA tower, db6605292312

West Jerusalem view north from YMCA tower, db6605292311

West Jerusalem view nw from YMCA tower, db6605292308

Jerusalem, Old City

Church of Holy Sepulcher from Lutheran church, db6707031710

Church of Holy Sepulcher with scaffolding, db6412240404

Church of Holy Sepulcher with scaffolding, db6412240405

Citadel gate tower reconstruction, db6707031706

Citadel of David from Hutzot HaYotzer, db6911157701

Mandelbaum Gate, 1967

-crossing point between east and west Jerusalem-

Citadel of David interior, db6804002601

Damascus Gate market inside Old City, db6412240506

Damascus Gate parking lot, db6709051810

Damascus Gate swarming with Israelis, db6709051811

Damascus Gate with Hadrian's arch, db6806245103

Damascus Gate, db6709051809

David's Citadel from south, db6707011503

Dome of Rock from northwest, db6709051903

Dome of the Rock from Mount of Olives, db6401192205

Dome of the Rock from south, db6804154201

Dome of the Rock from south, db6804154203

Double Gate and southern steps, db7708000109

Excavations below Robinson's Arch, db6803245204

Excavations below Robinson's Arch, db7708000210

Excavations near Temple Mount sw corner, db7708000209

Excavations south of Temple Mount, db7708000101

Golden Gate from Garden of Gethsemane, db6808205506

Golden Gate from Temple Mount, db6806245108

Golden Gate view from west, db6806245109

Hinnom Valley from Jaffa Gate view south, db6707031610

Jaffa Gate shortly after 1967 war, db6707011505

Jaffa Gate view from inside Old City, db6707031704

Jaffa Gate with Israeli soldiers, db6707031612

Jerusalem skyline with Dome of Rock, db6810115609

Jerusalem skyline with minaret and Mt of Olives, db6810115608

Jewish Quarter excavations by southern wall, db7708000105

Jewish Quarter steps to Western Wall, db7708000108

Jordanian ammunition stored at Citadel of David, db6707031707

Jordanian ammunition transfer from Citadel of David, db6707031708

Mikveh west of Temple Mount, db7708000203

Mikveh west of Temple Mount, db7708000211

Mikveh west of Temple Mount, db7708000212

Muslim Quarter view west on Ala E-Din St, db6806245105

Old City doorway with boys, db6604071102

Old City plaza inside Jaffa Gate, db6707021606

Old City rooftops from east, db6412240303

Old City southern wall with Al Aqsa Mosque, db6401192101

Old City southern wall with Dome of the Rock, db6401192102

Old City street with Hinky Dinky bar, db6412240508

Old City street, db6601090708

Old City street, db6601090710

Old City view s from Lutheran church tower, db6707031711

Old City view to Western Wall and Dome of Rock, db6401192103

Old City wall and Jaffa Gate from north, db6805114901

Old City wall near Jaffa Gate, db6804002610

Old City western wall and Citadel view south, db6707031611

Old City western wall and David's Citadel from s, db6804002605

Old City western wall with rubble from No Man’s Land, db6707011511

Old City western wall with rubble from No Man’s Land, db6707011601

Orthodox Jews buying from Arab boys at Jaffa Gate, db6707031701

Pool of Bethesda, db6412240305

Robinson's Arch with new excavations, db6806245201

Robinson's Arch with new excavations, db6808205507

Sister Benjamin in Old City, db6412240301

Southern Old City wall excavations, db7708000110

Temple Mount fallen stones, db7708000201

Temple Mount southwestern corner, db7708000205

Temple Mount southwestern corner, db7708000206

Temple Mount southwestern corner, db7708000208

Temple Mount with Dome of the Rock, db6401182010

Wailing Wall with Nadir, db6401182012

Western Wall from above, db6804154105

Western Wall men's prayer area, db6804154108

Western Wall men's prayer area, db6804154110

Western Wall plaza under construction, db6804154109

Western Wall plaza under construction, db6806245202

Western Wall prayer area, db6804154106

Western Wall prayer area, db6804154111

Western Wall women's prayer area, db6804154104

Western Wall, db6804154103

Jezreel Valley

Beth Shean tell from southwest, db6804063302

Beth Shean tell from theater, db6704090811

Beth Shean theater entrance and tell, db6704080902

Western Wall plaza, 1968

Beth Shean theater stage, db6804063303

Beth Shean theater with view to Jordan Valley, db6704080901

Beth Shean theater, db6704080812

Beth Shean view east to Jordan Rift and Gilead, db6505152005

Beth Shean view from tell, db6505152004

Ein Harod and Mt Gilboa, db6704080805

Ein Harod new swimming pool, db6405293206

Ein Harod with reenactment of Gideon story, db6704080804

Ein Harod with stream, db6405293207

Harod Valley from Tel Jezreel, db6704070802

Harod Valley, Hill of Moreh view n fr Mt Gilboa, db6505151812

Harod Valley, Moreh and Mt Tabor from Gilboa, db6505151908

Jenin area from Mt Gilboa view west, db6704080807

Jezreel Valley, Mt Tabor, Nazareth ridge fr Megiddo, db6704060611

Jezreel Valley, Mts Tabor and Moreh from Megiddo, db6704020408

Jezreel Valley, Mts Tabor and Moreh from Megiddo, db6704040411

Kibbutz Nir David with stream, db7309280109

Megiddo casemate wall from west, db6704060601

Megiddo casemate wall with Yigal Shiloh, db6704060606

Megiddo Early Bronze temple, sacrificial altar, db6704060609

Megiddo excavation casemate wall and Y Shiloh, db6704020404

Megiddo excavation of Solomonic palace, db6704060512

Megiddo excavation Solomonic northern palace, db6704070703

Megiddo excavation Solomonic palace view ne, db6704070707

Megiddo excavation Solomonic palace, Avner Goren, db6704070710

Megiddo excavation with Dunayevsky, db6704060604

Megiddo excavation with Yigael Yadin, db6704020403

Megiddo excavation, Str IVA staircase with Yadin, db6704070711

Megiddo excavation, Stratum IVA staircase, db6704070712

Megiddo MBII bowl in situ, db6704020312

Megiddo offset inset wall with Jezreel Valley, db6703290201

Megiddo Rockefeller Expedition housing, db6703300210

Megiddo Solomonic gate from west, db6703300211

Megiddo watersystem excavation, db6703300209

Megiddo watersystem Gallery 629 view east, db6703300208

Megiddo watersystem Gallery 629, db6703280108

Megiddo watersystem staircase, db6704060612

Sachne pool with Israeli tourists, db6405303305

Sachne pool, db6405303307

Sachne pool, db6405303311


Amman Roman theater with view to citadel, db6402002508

Amman Roman theater, db6402002507

Amman Temple of Hercules, db6402002505

Amman view of city and theater from citadel, db6402002503

Megiddo excavation with Yigael Yadin, 1967

Dead Sea view west from Macherus, db6604091308

Deir Alla, Succoth, excavations view ne to Gilead, db6504201607

Deir Alla, Succoth, view nw to Jordan Valley, db6504201606

Gerasa Cardo from north gate, db6604101502

Gerasa Cardo pillars with Corinthian capitals, db6604101501

Gerasa Cardo with standing pillars, db6402002512

Gerasa Cardo with standing pillars, db6402002513

Gerasa excavations from north, db6402002604

Gerasa hippodrome and triumphal arch closeup, db6604101602

Gerasa hippodrome and triumphal arch, db6604101602

Gerasa oval plaza and Cardo from south, db6402002608

Gerasa oval plaza with temple of Zeus, db6604101511

Gerasa St Theodore church, db6402002606

Gerasa Temple of Artemis, db6402002603

Gerasa triumphal arch of Hadrian, db6604101605

Gerasa triumphal arch of Hadrian, db6604101606

Gerasa Western Baths arch, db6604101505

Iraq el-Emir cave with Tobiah inscription, db6604101409

Jabbok River view to east, db6604101607

Jordan Valley, fr Succoth to Alexandrium Sartaba, db6504201604

Jordanian day laborers on rest break at Petra, db6504191512

Macherus from east, db6604091303

Macherus Roman siege ramp from above, db6604091311

Macherus Roman siege ramp, db6604091310

Macherus stairway on eastern side, db6604101401

Man plowing field near Wadi es-Sir, db6604101411

Medeba map showing Egypt and Nile, db6604091212

Nahal Arnon from northwest, db6604101402

Nahal Arnon with David Bivin, db6604101403

Nahal Arnon, db6604101404

Pella Bronze Age ruins, view ne, db6504201704

Pella with wadi and Roman temple ruins, db6504201706

Petra acropolis from distance, db6504191502

Petra donkey in field, db6504191503

Petra Kazneh, Treasury, db6504191404

Petra Obelisk temple, db6504191301

Petra Roman Cardo, db6504191511

Petra Siq from Kazneh, Treasury, db6504191409

Petra Siq with Kazneh, Treasury, db6504191311

Petra Siq, db6504191304

Petra Siq, db6504191305

Petra Siq, db6504191308

Petra theater area, db6504191507

Petra theater, db6504191508

Petra view from above, db6504191412

Teleilat Ghassul and northern end of Dead Sea, db6604091207

Tell es-Saidiyeh excavation with Jordanian day laborers, db6504201611

Tell es-Saidiyeh water system, db6504201610

Thorns, wheat field near Iraq el-Emir cave, db6604101410

Wadi es-Sir near Iraq el-Emir, db6604101407

Jordan Rift and Dead Sea

Alexandrium Sartaba from northeast, db7304220201

Belvoir Arab village with Mt Tabor, Hill of Moreh, db6405293210

Dead Sea from cliffs above En Gedi, db6904206912

Dead Sea southern area from west, db6804043009

Tell Deir Alla excavations and mountains of Gilead, 1965

Dead Sea with Lisan from Masada, db6503030807

En Gedi and Dead Sea from above, db6904206910

En Gedi Chalcolithic temple and Dead Sea from w, db6904207008

En Gedi view of Dead Sea, rainbow from Tell Goren, db6504031106

Jericho Elisha's Fountain from tell, db6601080603

Jericho from west with Dead Sea, db8003000103

Jericho Herodian excavations with Wadi Qilt, db6601080508

Jericho Hisham's Palace bathhouse, db6601080605

Jericho modern street scene, db6601080606

Jericho Neolithic tower with Bivin, db6402002405

Jericho refugee camp and Jordan Valley, db6601080706

Jericho southern trench excavations, db6601080511

Jericho Squares E I, E II, E V, view west, db6601080602

Jericho sycamore tree, db6402002402

Jericho western trench view west, db6402002404

Jordan River south of Sea of Galilee, db6804063307

Jordan River, db6601080703

Jordan River, db6601080705

Judean wilderness cliffs along Dead Sea, db8004000108

Masada and Dead Sea fr west with Shiloh, Barkay, db6503030706

Masada ascending snake path, db6401071601

Masada excavations from north, db6607172410

Masada excavations near northern palace, db6401071608

Masada excavations near storehouses, db6401071610

Masada excavations, db6401071603

Masada excavations, db6401071702

Masada excavations, students and Dunayevsky, db6503030803

Masada excavations, Yadin's headquarters, db6503030708

Masada from east, db6504031102

Masada from east, db6607172501

Masada Herod's northern palace frescoes, db6804043109

Masada reconstructed storehouses and Dead Sea, db6804043107

Masada Roman siege ramp from base, db6503030707

Masada storehouses, bathhouse, northern palace, db6401071609

Masada to En Gedi road, washed out from rains, db6504031101

Masada to En Gedi road, washed out from rains, db6504031103

Naharayim reservoir, view to Jordan, db6704080907

Naharayim water gates of Jordan River, db6704080904

Naharayim, junction of Jordan and Yarmuk Rivers, db6704080903

Naharayim, junction of Jordan and Yarmuk Rivers, db6704080909

Qumran and Dead Sea from west, db6601080607

Qumran and Dead Sea from west, db6601080609


Almond tree in bloom at Moza, db7701000404

Almond tree in bloom, American Colony, db721100p075

Beitar view from southeast, db6811095809

Bethlehem Church of Nativity entrance, db6808205508

Bethlehem Shepherds Fields and Mts of Moab, db6601060303

Qumran and Dead Sea, 1966

Bethlehem Shepherds Fields service, Christmas Eve, db6412240309

Bethlehem Shepherds Fields with Herodium, db6808205510

Ekron view north to Gezer, db6604231810

Elah Valley with Iron Age wall at Socoh, db6411190209

Etam from Solomon's Pools, db6811095811

Gezer excavation trench from east, db6804053202

Gezer high place with standing stones, db6804053210

Gezer Solomonic gate from east, db6804053208

Gezer Solomonic gate from north, db6804053209

Gezer Solomonic gate southern side, db6804053204

Hebron Cave of Machpelah new excavations, db6811095909

Hebron Cave of Machpelah new excavations, db6811095910

Hebron Machpelah tomb of patriarchs, db6601060206

Hebron Oak of Mamre, db6601060210

Hebron view southeast to Jebel Jalis, db6601060209

Herodium from south, db6811095911

Herodium interior with eastern tower, db6601060310

Herodium interior with northern tower, db6601060306

Jebel Qaaqir Intermediate Bronze shaft tomb, db6811166008

Jebel Qaaqir Intermediate Bronze shaft tomb, db6811166009

Jebel Qaaqir Intermediate Bronze shaft tombs, db6811166006

Judean hills with view to Ein Kerem, db7503040102

Judean wilderness and Dead Sea from Herodium, db6601060307

Judean wilderness in spring, db6402002312

Kh Beit Zeitha from east, db6811095901

Kh Burj es Sur with Kh et-Jubeiqa, db6811095904

Kiriath Jearim view west to Abu Gosh and Castel, db6610292807

Mamre, Haram Ramet el Khalil wall, db6811095906

Mamre, Haram Ramet el Khalil wall, s wall, db6811095907

Mamre, Haram Ramet el Khalil wall, w wall, db6811095908

Mamre, Haram Ramet el Khalil, db6811095905

Nahal Sorek view east from Beitar, db6811095808

Palestinian refugee camp, db6402002308

Sea level sign in Judean wilderness, db6402002311

Shepherd in Bethlehem fields on Christmas Eve, db6412240308

Simiya and Deir Samit area from west, db6811166004

Simiya and Deir Samit with plowed fields from w, db6811166003

Solomon's Pools, lower pool, db6811095812

Solomon's Pools, middle pool full of water, db6402002309

Solomon's Pools, middle pool, db6601060301

Solomon's Pools, middle pool, db6811095810

Tel Erani lower tel excavations, db6411190202

Tel Nagila, db6604221708

Tell el-Hesi from southeast, db6604221703

Wadi Atsal from Abu Tor view east, db6701052812

Wadi Qilt with children swimming, db7608240508

Wadi Qilt with Herodian aqueduct, db7608240505

Wadi Qilt with water, db7608240503

Modern Israel

Arab tank captured in Six-Day War, db6710002305

Children in Purim costumes, db810319p175

Druze wedding in village of Hurfesh, db6311161201

German Panzer tank, db6710002310

Independence Day parade with color guard, db6805024711

Gezer high place, 1968

Independence Day parade with crowd, db6805024606

Independence Day parade with Hawk missiles, db6805024604

Independence Day parade women's corps, db6404163110

Independence Day parade, Air Force maneuvers, db7305070307

Independence Day parade, bridging equipment, db7305070502

Independence Day parade, captured Egyptian tanks, db6805024712

Independence Day parade, color guard, db7305070711

Independence Day parade, Hawk missiles, db7305070602

Independence Day parade, helicopter formation, db7305070401

Independence Day parade, lightweight cannons, db7305070511

Independence Day parade, military parade, db7305070411

Independence Day parade, Mirage fighters, db7305070302

Independence Day parade, rocket launcher, db6805024708

Independence Day parade, Russian rocket, db6805024701

Independence Day parade, transport planes, db7305070403

Independence Day parade, women soldiers, db7305070702

Independence Day, air force maneuvers, db6805024408

Independence Day, air force maneuvers, db6805024411

Independence Day, Fouga Magister flyover, db6805024412

Independence Day, Israeli Air Force acrobatics, db6805024511

Israel Natl League soccer game in German colony, db6810125707

Israeli Centurion tanks at Armored Corps camp, db6710002210

Israeli soldiers in front of Armored Corps camp, db6710002201

Jaffa Road with parade, db6504081204

Jerusalem Baptist Chapel, Narkis St, db6605212207

Jerusalem City Hall building, 20th anniversary, db6805114912

Jerusalem Independence Day decorations, db6805114903

Kindergarten in Jerusalem, db6709282006

Kindergarten in Jerusalem, db6709282101

Kindergarten in Jerusalem, db6709282102

Mourning procession for Gamal Abdel Nasser, db7010017808

National Water Carrier under construction, db6310071001

Purim contest at Jeusalem Biblical Zoo, db6503190808

Purim party for Megiddo excavation team, db6703260106

Shemer Sisters quartet singing on stage, db6604251904

Student demonstration at Hebrew U, db6605042005

Sukkah with children, db6810125701

Sukkah with family from Tunisia, db6810125702

Wedding with rabbi reading ketubah, db6704101311

Yemenite folk dancing group, Paamonim, db6406213512

Zikhron Yaakov winery, bottling wine, db6308200604


Abraham, Isaac, Jacob street signs in Beersheba, db7109238109

Arabah, Aqaba, mountains of Edom from nw, db7904160405

Arad modern city under construction, db6503030701

Arad new apartment housing, db6401061412

Aravah, Neot Hakikar farms with child, db8004000209

Independence Day parade with captured Egyptian tanks, 1968

Avdat experimental farm, db6904186503

Avdat ruins from below, db6904186609

Bedouin tent interior, near Beersheba, db6401061509

Bedouin tent of Sheikh Abu Miamar near Beersheba, db6401061503

Bedouin tent with camel, near Beersheba, db6401061505

Bedouin tents near Beersheba, db6904196706

Beer Safadi, Chalcolithic site near Beersheba, db6504020907

Beersheba Bedouin market, db6804042904

Beersheba Bedouin market, db6804042905

Beersheba Bedouin market, db6804042908

Beersheba Bedouin market, db6804042910

Beersheba bus station, db6804042801

Beersheba tell from north, db6904196612

Beersheba train station, db7109238203

Beersheba view from highest building, db7109238204

Beersheba view from highest building, db7109238205

Beersheba view from highest building, db7109238206

Beersheba view from highest building, db7109238207

Beersheba, new apartments under construction, db7109238101

Beersheba, new apartments under construction, db7109238103

Beersheba, University of Negev library construction, db7109238202

Eastern Negev scenery, db6804043007

Eilat new construction near shopping center, db6401081905

Eilat Red Sea and beach hotels, db6401081903

Eilat shopping center, db6401081907

Gerar sheikh's tomb with Bivin, db6504010902

HaRukhot Plain and Iron Age water reservoir, db6504021002

Mampsis church with mosaics, db6904186310

Mampsis excavations, db6904186407

Mampsis excavations, db6904186412

Mampsis excavations, db6904186508

Mampsis mosaics covered with dirt, db6904186406

Mampsis wadi in area, db6904186306

Mampsis wadi in area, db6904186308

Mampsis wadi with dams, db6904186401

Mizpe Ramon, db6401092001

Mizpe Ramon, db6504021008

Nahal Besor from Tell Jemmeh, db6604221710

Nahal Besor from Tell Sharuhen, db6604221712

Nahal Besor from Tell Sharuhen, db6604221802

Nahal Zin from north, db6904186604

Nahal Zin from north, db6904186610

Nahal Zin, db6504020910

Nahal Zin, db6504020911

Nahal Zin, db6504021001

Negev erosion after rains, db6401061404

Sphinx of Eilat, db6401081902

Tamarisk tree at Beer Safadi, db6504020908

Tel Arad Early Bronze city excavations, db6904196809

Tel Arad Israelite fortress from below, db6904196811

Tel Arad slope with sheep, db6904196803

Tel Malhata excavations, db6904196707

Tel Malhata view to northwest, db6904196709

Tel Masos from west, db6904196712

Tell Jemmeh, Petrie excavation remains, db6604221709

Tell Sharuhen from northwest, db6604221711

Timna Solomon's Pillars, db6401081812

People of Interest

Abraham Malamat and students, db6806255211

Abraham Malamat in classroom with Bivin, db6605232307

Aharon Kempinski lecturing, with Yadin, Dunayevsky, db6703260102

Alfred Gottschalk, Nelson Glueck at Hebrew Union, db6307060309

Anson Rainey and David Bivin on Mt Gerizim, db6804084003

Bedouin market in Beersheba, 1968

Avraham Negev and David Bivin at Al Aqsa mosque, db6806245112

Barkay, Stern, Kallai, Malamat, and Rokeah, db6806255407

Ephraim Stern teaching at Gibeon, db6806255304

Expedition members Purim party with Yigael Yadin, db6703260105

G Barkay, Michael Avi-Yonah on Temple Mount, db6806245107

Hanoch Reviv and Haim Beinart at Mizpah, db6806255401

Immanuel Dunayevsky lecturing at Megiddo, db6703260104

Kibbutz Degania founder Baratz, Syrian tank, db6308230903

Malamat, Kallai, Herr at Mizpah offset, inset wall, db6806255307

Michael Avi-Yonah and David Bivin at Golden Gate, db6806245110

Moshe David Herr at water source of Gibeon, db6806255302

Safrai, Stern and Kallai at Gibeon, db6806255212

Yigael Yadin lecturing at Megiddo, db6703260103

Yohanan Aharoni with students at Tel Erani, db6411190205

Yohanan Aharoni with students at Tel Erani, db6411190206


Ai, et-Tell, from Bethel, Beitin, db6403303006

Ai, et-Tell, palace or temple, db6604081203

Ai, et-Tell, view east with Deir Dibwan, db6806255405

Benjamin Plateau from Gibeon toward Ramallah, db6604081108

Benjamin view west from Nebi Samwil, db6911157508

Dothan excavations and view of Dothan Valley, db6403282808

Dothan from Dothan Valley, db6601070406

Dothan tell view southeast, db6403282806

Gabriel Barkay and Michael Avi-Yonah on Temple Mount, 1968

Dothan Valley from Tell Dothan, db6403282809

Dothan Valley from Tell Dothan, db6403282810

Dothan Valley with donkeys, db6905207207

Gibeah and Jerusalem from Nebi Samwil, db6911157509

Gibeah of Saul view south to Jerusalem, db6604081103

Gibeah of Saul view west to Nebi Samwil, db6604081104

Gibeah of Saul, glacis wall of Saul's palace, db6604081105

Gibeah view east from Nebi Samwil, db6911157506

Gibeah, Saul's palace with view s to Jerusalem, db6403302905

Gibeon steps of water shaft with Bivin, db6604081106

Gibeon view north from Nebi Samwil, db6911157511

Gibeon wine storage vats, db6604081110

Gibeon, el-Jib, from east, db6403302907

Gifna village, ancient Gophna, db6403282611

Jacob's Well church interior, db6403282709

Jacob's Well compound view north to Sychar, db6403282703

Lebonah Valley, db6403282701

Mizpah glacis, db6604081111

Mizpah outer wall, db6604081112

Mt Gerizim from Shechem, db6403282705

Mt Gerizim from Tell er-Ras Roman temple, db6905207212

Mt Gerizim Tell er-Ras Roman temple excavations, db6905207301

Mt Gerizim Tell er-Ras Roman temple excavations, db6905207304

Mt Gerizim Tell er-Ras Roman temple steps, db6905207302

Mt Gerizim view to Roman temple and Mt Ebal, db6905207210

Nebi Samwil from Gibeon, db6604081109

Samaria forum with Bivin, db6601070412

Samaria Hellenistic city gate towers with Bivin, db6601070411

Samaria Hellenistic city tower, db6804083908

Samaria Hellenistic tower and Israelite wall, db6804083802

Samaria Hellenistic tower from above, db6804083804

Samaria Hellenistic tower, db6601070407

Samaria Hellenistic tower, db6804083803

Samaria Hellenistic tower, Israelite wall, theater, db6804083801

Samaria Herodian temple column bases, db6804083810

Samaria Herodian temple stairs and altar base, db6804083809

Samaria Herodian temple stairs, db6804083806

Samaria Israelite acropolis view north, db6804083812

Samaria Roman street of columns from above, db6804083902

Samaria Roman street of columns, db6804083906

Samaria Roman street of columns, db6804083910

Samaria Roman theater from above, db6804083805

Samaria Roman theater, db6804083712

Samaria view from tell to village of Sebastiyeh, db6403282711

Samaria view west, db6403282803

Samaria, American Schools excavation, db6804083903

Samaritan priest and Bivin's mother on Mt Gerizim, db6804083912

Samaritan priest and Pentateuch, db6601070502

Shechem and Sychar from Mt Gerizim, db6804084004

Shechem Balata refugee camp view to east, db6403282704

Shechem eastern Late Bronze gate, db6804083911

Shechem excavations with Mount Ebal, db6403282706

Shechem Middle Bronze wall with Mount Gerizim, db6403282708

Shechem temple of Baal Berith view west, db6403282707

Shechem temple of Baal Berith with Mt Ebal, db6604081206

Shiloh tell view to south, db6403303005

Shiloh view northeast to wadi, db6403303003

Shiloh with Shmuel Safrai, db6806255403

Tell el Farah North, Tirzah, excavations, db6601070402

Tell el Farah North, Tirzah, excavations, db6601070403

View east from Gibeah to Dead Sea, db6403302904

Wadi Lubban view northwest of Shiloh, db6604081205


Aaron's hill near Plain of er-Raha, db7601000210

Bedouin children at Jebel Musa, db7601000106

Burning bush inside St Catherines Monastery, db7601000203

Cliffs of Ophira and coral beds, db7904160310

Coral Island from west, db7601000311

Jebel Musa from below, db7601000108

Jebel Ras Safsafa from St Catherines Monastery, db7601000110

Mizpe Shaham view south, db7904140111

Monument near Jebel Musa, db7601000207

Nuweiba el-Muzeini, view to east, db7904140209

Red Sea with coral and white sand, db7904140201

Sharm el-Sheikh, bay of Ophira, db7904160403

Sinai airport under construction, db7601000302

Sinai coast at Sharm el-Sheikh, db7904160401

Sinai coast view north from Mizpe Shaham, db7904140203

Sinai fjord south of Coral Island from north, db7904130104

Sinai mountains near Jebel Musa, db7601000201

Sinai trip, fish and lobster, db7904150302

Sinai trip, lobster, db7904150301

St Catherines Monastery interior and view, db7601000204

St Catherines Monastery rooftops, db7601000205

Sunrise over Red Sea from Bir Suweir, db7904140107

Gibeah, remains of Saul's palace, 1964