Picturesque Palestine IV: Sinai and Egypt

Of many works published by explorers of Palestine in the 19th century, none is as highly regarded as the lavishly illustrated and expertly written Picturesque Palestine, Sinai and Egypt. Edited by Charles Wilson and published in four volumes in 1881, this work captures the essence of the biblical lands in word and drawing, showing both ancient sites and native customs.

The descriptions of the regions were written by experts with an eye to presenting the land to those who would never have the opportunity to visit. This first-ever electronic edition includes the entirety of the original Volume 4, including 10 steel engravings, 140 wood engravings and 234 pages of text. Volume 4 includes these sections:


by C. Pickering Clarke


The Land of Goshen

by Stanley Lane-Poole



by Stanley Lane-Poole



by Stanley Lane-Poole



by Stanley Lane-Poole


Edfû and Philæ

by Stanley Lane-Poole

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Pyramids of Gizeh

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Table of Contents


Suez.—The Canal.—“Passage of the Israelites through the Red Sea.”—Zoan.—Wells of Moses.-Arab Life.—The Desert.—Marah.—Peculiarities of the Sinai District.—Rain Storms.—Elim.—Pharaoh’s Bath.—Traditions relating to Moses and Pharaoh.—Wâdy Taiyebeh.— Inscriptions in Wâdy Mukatteb.—Ruins of Sarâbít el Khâdim.—Turquoise Mines.—The “Wild Roe.”—Tamarisks.—Manna.—Stories about the Bedawín.—March of the Israelites.— “Encampment of the Red Sea.”—The Plain of El Markha.—Wâdy Sidreh.—Egyptian Tablets in Wâdy Maghârah.—Nomenclature of Mountains and Valleys.—Wâdy Feirân.—Horeb.—The Stricken Rock.—The Battle at Rephidim.—The Amalekites.—Jebel Tâhúneh.—Ancient Weapons.—Groves of Tamarisk.—“The Girls’ Mount.”—Pharan.—Nâwâmis.—“Mount of the Conference.”—Mount Serbâl.—The “Lighthouse.”—Monasticism.—St. Anthony.—Paul the Hermit.—Wâdy Sigillíyeh.—Port Royal.—“Mount Sinai” Traditions.—Inscriptions.—The Empress Helena.—Jebel Músa.—Nebí Sâleh.—The Thamudites.—The “Mountain of the Law.”—The Wilderness of Sinai.—Difficulties of Travelling.—Jethro’s Visit to Moses.— Elijah.—“The Mount of God.”—Public Worship.—Springs.—“The Speaking Stone.”— Streams and Fruit-gardens.—Nagb Hawa, “The Pass of the Wind.”—Jebel Músa.—Jethro’s Valley.—Aaron’s Hill.—Convent of St. Catherine.—The Convent Garden.—Holy Places on Jebel Músa.—Great Plain of Er Rahah.—“Moses’ Cleft.”—Convent of the Forty Martyrs.— Convent of the Twelve Apostles.—Wâdy Lejâ.—Jebel Katarína.



Wall-painting at Beny Hasan.—The Suez Canal.—The “Field of Zoan.”—The Hyksos, or Shepherd Kings.—Rameses II. (Pharaoh the Oppressor) at Zoan.—Description of the City by a Contemporary Poet.—Excavations at Tell-el-Maskhûtah, the site of Pithom-Succoth.—Store - chambers built “unto Pharaoh” by the Children of Israel.—Brick-making, Ancient and Modern.—Sesostris at Zoan.—Overthrow of the Cities of the Delta.—Site of the City of Goshen at Fakûs, the Greek Phacussa.—Site of Heliopolis, or On.—The Solitary Obelisk.— The Temple of On.—Mounds and Ruins.—The Virgin’s Tree.



Narrow Lanes and Winding Alleys.—The “Thousand and One Nights.”—Origin of the Capital of Egypt.—History of its Growth.—Walls and Gates of Cairo.—Modern “Improvements.”—The Old Fâtimy Quarter.—Street Scenes.—Private Houses.—Lattice Windows.—Shops.— Bazaars.—Mosques.—The Memlûks.—En-Nâsir.—Mâristân of Kalaûn.—Mosque of Sultan Hasan.—“Tombs of the Khalifs.”—Tomb-mosque of Kaït Bay.—Construction of Mosques.— Schools and Street Fountains.—The Citadel.—Mosque of Mohammad Aly.—View from the Citadel.—The Old Suburb, El-Katâï.—Mosque of Ibu Tûlûn.—El-Khalîg, or “the Canal.”— Gardens on the Canal.—Arabic Verses, translated by the late Professor Palmer.—Masr El- ’Atîkah.—Island of Rodah.—The Nilometer.—Proclamation of the Rising of the Nile.— Ancient and Modern Customs attending the Ceremony of Cutting the Dam of the Canal.— Curious Letter addressed by ’Omar, Prince of the Faithful, to the Nile of Egypt.—Fustât.—The Mosque of ’Amr.


The Builders of the Pyramids.—Bûlâk.—Menes.—The City of Memphis.—Abd-el-Latîf’s Description of its Ruins.—The Pyramids of Gîzeh.—The Red Pyramid.—The Tomb of Queen Nitocris.—“The Lady of the Pyramid.”—The Sphinx.—Construction and Object of the Pyramids.—Pyramid of Steps.—Pyramid of Meydûm.—Rahotep and Nefert.—Pictorial Records preserved in Tombs at Memphis and Sakkarah.—The Serapeum.—The gigantic Cemetery of Sacred Bulls.—M. Mariette’s Discoveries.—Manfalût.—Cemetery of the Sacred Villages and Towns on the Nile.— Minyeh, its busy Bazaars and Market-place.—Asyût or Siout.—Pottery.—Ancient Tombs.— Girgeh.—Ruins of Abydos.—Burial-place of Osiris.—Plan of Egyptian Temples.—Wallchiselling at Abydos.—Kom-es-Sultan.—The Story of the Risen Osiris.—Denderah.—Portraits of Cleopatra.

Village threshing floor


The Plain of Thebes.—The “Valley of the Kings.”—Temple of Deyr El-Bahry.—Queen Hatasu’s Obelisk at Karnak, the tallest in Egypt.—“City of Amon.”—Thebes.—Wall-pictures, Medînet Habû.—Rock-cut Tombs in the “Valley of the Kings.”—Memorial Chapels in the Plain.— Temple of Kurnah.—Tomb of Seti I.—The Ramesêum.—The shattered Colossus of Rameses.—The Twin Colossi of the Amenopheûm.—The Vocal Memnon.—Temple of Rameses III., or Medînet Habû.—The Theban Triad.—Characteristics of an Egyptian Temple.—Temple of Luxor.—Causeway from the Great Pylon of Luxor to Karnak.—Temple of Khons.—Temple of Mout.—Great Temple of Amen-Ra.—“Hall of Columns.”—Obelisk of Queen Hatasu.—Wall-pictures at Karnak.  



The Nile above Thebes.—Erment.—Esné.—Temple of Horus at Edfû.—Sculptured Walls and Inscriptions.—The Gorge of Gebel-es-Silsileh.—Kom-Ombo.—Island of Elephantinê.— Aswân.—Its Bazaar.—The First Cataract.—Philæ.—Temple of Isis.—The “Holy Island.”— Burial-place of Osiris.


The Ramesseum

List of Illustrations in the Volume


000 El Hesweh, Wady Feiran, frontispiece.jpg

000 Tombs in the Eastern Cliffs of Petra, title page.jpg

001 Ras Atakah.jpg

003 Jebel Atakah.jpg

007 Under the palms, Ayun Musa.jpg

010 Gulf of Suez from Ayun Musa.jpg

011 Ayun Musa.jpg

014a Red Sea during first days in desert.jpg

014b Halt in the desert.jpg

015a Wliderness of Shur.jpg

015b Sandstorm in the desert.jpg

018a Ain Hawwarah.jpg

018b Wady Amarah.jpg

019 Entrance to Wady Gharandel.jpg

020 Springs in Wady Gharandel.jpg

025 Cliffs of Jebel Hammam Farun.jpg

027 Jebel Hammam Farun.jpg

028 Rock forms in Wady Hamr.jpg

030 Wady Useit.jpg

031 Wady Taiyebeh.jpg

033 Wady Taiyebeh.jpg

036a Plain el Markheiyeh.jpg

036b Wady Taiyebeh looking northwest.jpg

037 Ras Abu Zenimeh.jpg

039 Jebel el Markha.jpg

040 Plain el Markha.jpg

041 Rocks in ravine of Sarabit el Khadim.jpg

044 Stele and ruins at Sarabit el Khadim.jpg

045 Rocks at Sarabit el Khadim.jpg

049 Wady Sidreh.jpg

051 Road up Nage Buderah.jpg

053 Wady Nagb Buderah, in the Seih Sidreh.jpg

057 Wady Shellal, Valley of cataracts.jpg

059 Turquoise mines of Magharah.jpg

062 Cliffs, mines, Egyptian tablets of Magharah.jpg

063 Wady Mukatteb, written valley.jpg

063b Approach to Mount Serbal.jpg

066 Wady Mukatteb.jpg

067 Wady Feiran.jpg

069 Jebel el Benat, girls mountain.jpg

070 Wady Feiran.jpg

071 Jebel Tahuneh, the mountain of the windmill.jpg

073 Spring in Wady Feiran.jpg

073b Mount Serbal from Wady Feiran.jpg

076 Wady Feiran.jpg

077 El Maharrad, Pharan.jpg

079 Tamarisk tree, Wady Feiran, Sinai.jpg

081 Alluvial deposits, Wady Feiran.jpg

084 El Buweib, the gate, Feiran.jpg

086 Wady Solief, Solaf, Sinai.jpg

087 Nawamis in wady Solaf.jpg

088 Beidhat Umm Takhah, Mount Serbal.jpg

090 Tarfah or tamarisk grove, Wady es Sheikh.jpg

092 Hajar el Laghweh, the speaking stone.jpg

094 Magad en Nebi Musa, seat of Moses.jpg

095 Recollection of Sinai and Pass of Wind.jpg

097 Arabs.jpg

099 Wady Shreich.jpg

100 Mouth of Wady Shreich.jpg

102 Wady Tlah, Mount Sinai.jpg

104 Wady Katarina.jpg

105 Cliffs of Jebel Katarina.jpg

105b Wady Sho'eib-Jethro's Valley.jpg

107 Convent of the Arbain, Wady Leja.jpg

109 Mountains at the head of Wady Leja.jpg

110 Gardens near the mouth of Wady Leja.jpg

111 Bedwin encampment, Wady Sebaiyeh, Sinai.jpg

112 Jebel from the south, Sinai.jpg

113 Chapel and grotto of Elijah, Jebel Musa.jpg

114 Looking east from Ras Sufsafeh, Sinai.jpg

116 Mayan Musa, springs of Moses, Sinai.jpg

117 Jebel Suna from Sikket Syedna Musa.jpg

118 Ras Sufsafeh and the plain of Rahah.jpg

119 Defile of the Jebel Tih.jpg

120 Jebel ed Deir, Sinai.jpg

Goshen, Cairo, and Memphis

121 Suez.jpg

122 Lake Timsah.jpg

123 Mahsamah.jpg

124 A village threshing floor.jpg

126 Brickmaking.jpg

127 A wayside well.jpg

128 Obelisk of Heliopolis.jpg

129 The Virgin's Tree.jpg

132 The Gate of Victory, Bab en Nasr.jpg

133 A seller of lanterns.jpg

134 Sebil, or street fountain.jpg

135 Carpet bazaar.jpg

138 In the shoe bazaar.jpg

139 The armourers' market.jpg

142 Tomb-Mosque of el Ashraf Barsabay.jpg

143 Court of mosque of Sultan Hasan.jpg

145 Court of the Tomb-Mosque of Barkuk.jpg

146 Pulpit of the Tomb-Mosque of Barkuk.jpg

147 At school.jpg

148 Tomb-Mosque of Kait Bay.jpg

149 Valley of the Nile and pyramids.jpg

152 Citadel from the Tombs of the Memluks.jpg

153 One of the tombs of the Memluks.jpg

154 Tombs of the Memluks.jpg

155 Mosques on Mukattam.jpg

156 On the canal, El Khalig.jpg

157 A water wheel on the canal.jpg

158b Pyramids of Gizeh.jpg

160 In a Cairo garden.jpg

161 A suburban cafe.jpg

163 Street in Masr el Atikah.jpg

165 Bazaar in Bulak.jpg

167 View from the top of the great pyramid.jpg

169 Village barbers.jpg

171 The Sphinx.jpg

172 Fallen statue of Rameses II at Memphis.jpg

173 Pyramid of steps at Sakkarah.jpg

174 Pyramid of Meydum.jpg

175 Tomb of a Muslim saint at Minyeh.jpg

176 View of Nile from tombs of Beny Hasan.jpg

177 The gateway of Asyut.jpg

180 The necropolis of Asyut.jpg

181 Pigeon towers on the Nile.jpg

184 The silhouette on the Nile.jpg

185 Girgeh from mooring place on south side.jpg

187 Shaduf.jpg

188 Dendarah.jpg

Thebes, Edfu, and Philae

189 Plains of Thebes from near Karnak.jpg

193 Valley of the Tombs of the Kings.jpg

196 The Rameseum.jpg

197 Fallen colossus of Rameses.jpg

199 The vocal Memnon.jpg

200 Pylon of Temple of Thothmes III, Medinet Habu.jpg

201 Great Temple of Rameses III, Medinet Habu.jpg

204 The mosque of Luxor.jpg

205 The obelisk of Luxor.jpg

207b Luxor.jpg

209 Niche in an ancient Christian church, Luxor.jpg

210 The gate of Ptolemy Euergetes, Karnak.jpg

211 The smaller obelisk of Karnak.jpg

212 The Leaning Column, Karnak.jpg

213 Grand column of Karnak.jpg

214b The Great Temple at Karnak.jpg

215 The Nile from Luxor.jpg

216 The Dom Palm.jpg

218 Temple of Edfu.jpg

219 Doorway of a side chapel of the temple of Edfu.jpg

221b Philae.jpg

222 Rocks tombs at Gebel es Silsileh.jpg

223 Distant view of Kom Ombo.jpg

224 Aswan, the syene of Juvenal.jpg

225 Temple of Kom Ombo.jpg

226 On the island of Elephantine.jpg

227 Looking north from the island of Elephantine.jpg

228 General view of Philae, taken from Bibbeh.jpg

229 Mahattah, near Philae, on the Nile.jpg

230 The approach to Philae.jpg

231 Looking south from Philae.jpg

232 Hypaethral temple at Philae.jpg

233 Nubian water wheel.jpg

234 The temple of Aboo Simbel, in Nubia.jpg

"I really enjoyed looking through the pictures, which is what I spent most of my time doing. It was especially fun when I could pick out things that I recognized in them. The ones that stand out in my mind are the Church of the Holy Sepulcher picture with the ladder, the picture of Nebi Samwil, and the pictures of Mount Tabor and Mount Hermon. I tried out all the different ways of viewing the pictures and I appreciate the way that you provided so many options! The end product is amazing to me, knowing how much work was put into it."

—Jennie Siemens