Subscribing to the Newsletter

The process should be simple; type in your email address and click a link in a confirmation email you receive.  More specifically:

1. Type in your address in the subscribe box. This takes you to a page which says you will receive an email to confirm. 

Note: you must type in a valid email address; those who do not are not subscribed. (We get many bounces from bad email addresses that are entered.)

2. You should receive an email asking you to click the link in order to confirm.  It looks like this:

From: BiblePlaces Newsletter

Subject: Subscription Verification Request

We have just received a request to subscribe [your email address] to the BiblePlaces Newsletter.

To verify your subscription to this list, click on this link [your link will be unique]:

If you do not click on the link, you will not be subscribed.


If you don't receive an email, check your spam folder.

3. When you click on the link in the email you receive, the webpage will tell you that your subscription is confirmed.

4. You will receive the next BiblePlaces Newsletter.  Our goal is to send about three newsletters in a year.

The reason for the "double opt-in" procedure described above is to ensure that no one is subscribed without their consent.  In the days of ubiquitous spam, we want to make sure that our system is not abused to become part of the problem.

If the process didn't work as described, please send an email to this address, so (1) we can fix the problem and (2) you will be subscribed to the newsletter.